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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Blink74, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Blink74

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    I need some advice on a dump trailer. I was all set to buy a Bri-Mar 7X14 with 14k GVWR until I realized that my Siverado 2500HD will only handle about 10k plus you need a CDL to pull any thing heavier than 10k. I plan to use it mostly for mulch debris removal and occasionally stone so I don't need any thing too heavy. However I would like the option to put a bobcat in it. Seems to me a 12ft 12k is a good option. But is it worth an extra $2500, getting a CDL and taxing my truck? I'm thinking a 6X12 w/ 10k GVWR may be a better choice. Would i out-grow that too quick?
  2. South Florida Lawns

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    I say go with at least a 14k. A 6x12 weighs something like 3200 empty so thats only 6800lb of payload capacity. Spend the extra money now and work a deal. I don't know about your location but down here acquiring a CDL and what not isn't that big a deal. I'd say in my town 90% of the people that own bumper pull dump trailers don't have a cdl, so depending on your area you might not even need one.

    Oh and that Chevy will pull it just fine.
  3. hvphotog

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    CDL is required for 26,000 lbs and above combos anything below that without air brakes you will be fine.. I pull my trailer with mini which is about 15K with my F-350..

    also with dump trailer make sure you get double pistons, goes up much faster with heavier loads
  4. Petr51488

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    With a 2500hd you don't need a cdl to drive it. I have a 14k dump with my 2500hd and and under the 26k cdl requirement. And your 2500hd can pull more then 10k, just get a brake controller if you don't allready have one.
  5. wellbuilt

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    You could pull a 14000lb trailer with out a CDL . I have 2 7x12 12000lb trailers and one 7x10 . I buy my trailers used for less then 2500 dollars . Now is the time for a deal . If you get a new trailer you should buy a 14' but there are tons of 12000 lb trailers around . The sellers asking price is around 4000 to 4500 dollars but i wave 2500 and after a month they sell it to me . I think the trailers are great . I load a 6500lb skid in mine I can move my 8000lb mine EX . The 10' trailer handles better but i like the 12 ' 12000lb .
  6. Blink74

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I went today to look at some dump trailers. I'm gonna go with a 7X12 12k. I would like to have the 14, but if I fill the 12 to capacity I'll be taxing my truck. The 12' is gonna give me another 500# of pay load and I can build up the sides for more capacity. Plus, It seems to be a popular size for landscaping. Not to mention the smaller trailer is $750 cheaper. I'm probably gonna end up getting the Bri-Mar DT712LPHD-12.
  7. LB1234

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    Do yourself a favor and think about going with the 14. We have the Bri-Mar 14'. We place rental equipment (skids, TLBs, mini-Xs, etc.) on it and the length of the trailer for TLB's is a little small. We always wind up having a bucket (or two) sticking around the sides. The full-size skid fits but it is a little tight. I can't imagine loosing 2' in my length.

    Also, make sure you are also going to get one with drop axles. You'd be surprised about the approach angle and how difficult it can be to get a tracked machine up the ramps. Sometimes we wind up parking in areas with inclines to lessen the angle. Any specifics feel free to PM. good luck, it has been a VERY good, LOW maintenance trailer for us. BTW we pull it with two 2500HD with a 6.0 and another with 8.1, both gassers.

    good luck with your decision:waving:
  8. scagtiger

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    I agree really think about goin with a 14 foot... thats what i have and it fills up quick.. we had a 12 before and the 2 extra feet make a huge difference. Are you lookin for a gooseneck or tag a long trailer? Our 14 foot is a gooseneck and it pulls way better then our bumper pull 12ft. Take a look at the loadtrail/loadmax trailers they all have scissor lifts and are just as good of quality if not better then a bri mar and with a little cheaper price tag
  9. Blink74

    Blink74 LawnSite Member
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    It will definitely be a bumper pull that is another reason I think the 12 will be better. Another thing I like about the 12 is that the deck height is only 23" high. The 14' has a 27" deck height. We rarely use skid loaders and heavy equipment and if we end up buying one I will get an equipment hauler.
  10. KLM service

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    Check out I got one two years ago, saved thousands and I'm doing everything with it that you are wanting to do.


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