Help PJ!!! Honda problems

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by Law Lawn MDL, Mar 25, 2008.

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    PJ, I hve a 2005 super z 60" 24 honda the o-ring on the dipstick has leaked 4 times and now melted the dipstick tube and the oil dipstick broke off at the cross hatch. What is the deal with the Honda, Mac equipment in Loveland Colo is working and it and has contacted Honda. I told the dealer I want the engine replaced it has to have dirt in it after 4 massive leaks and melting the tube, + the dipstick breaking. Please help!!!:usflag:
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    Did they tell you why this is happening?
    Usually a melting dipstick is a sign of overheating, are the cylinder fins clean? nothing blocking the air from getting through the engine?
    Mac is a great dealer of ours, I am positive they are taking care of this as well as they can.
    E-mail me if for some reason they are not on top of this.

  3. Law Lawn MDL

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    PJ, wash every week with water and air, has a bagger unit on it. Honda will give me a motor but I have to pay for the labor to tear the old one down and labor to install the new one. What is the point of a warranty if it does not cover labor??? I contacted the BBB about this but wanted to know if Hustler can help.:dizzy:

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