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Help PLANET get H-2B legislation through the Senate next week

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by paponte, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. paponte

    paponte LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,366

    The Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) needs your help right now. The Save our Small and Seasonal Businesses Act (S. 352) is in the home stretch for passage. It just needs a little more effort.

    Even if you do not use H-2B workers now, you may need them in the future. It is a win-win for small business and for the workers, the vast majority of whom are decent hard-working people who are grateful for the opportunity to make a living and return to their home countries at the end of their seasonal employment.

    The Act is not an immigration issue; it's a small business issue.

    The Mikulski Amendment to include the Save Our Small and Seasonal Businesses Act (S. 352) in the Emergency Supplemental appropriations bill ran into opposition from a handful of Senators. Rather than wait for them to begin a filibuster against the bill, Senator Mikulski filed a petition for "cloture." The petition guarantees that the Mikulski Amendment will be voted on, and that this vote will take place on Tuesday (April 19).

    Senator Mikulski did this to ensure that this vital emergency legislation will be voted on by the Senate. Unfortunately, in petitioning for cloture, we now need to get the approval of 60 votes in support, rather than a simple majority of 51 votes, in order to pass the H-2B bill.

    The State Senators listed below are critical. Call their office now and tell them you know that the Senate will vote on Senate Bill 352 on Monday. Some will ask what kind of bill is it. Tell them it is a H-2B Immigration Bill, and you want to know if your Senator will vote for the Bill. Because this is short notice, you would like an answer today.

    Daniel Akaka - HI
    Lamar Alexander - TN
    Evan Bayh - IN
    Robert Bennett - UT
    Christopher Bond - MO
    Sam Brownback - KS
    Jim Bunning - KY
    Conrad Burns - MT
    Richard Burr - NC
    Saxby Chambliss- GA
    Tom Coburn - OK
    Thad Cochran - MS
    Norm Coleman - MN
    Pete Domenici - NM
    Jim DeMint - SC
    Michael Crapo - ID
    Mel Martinez - FL
    John McCain - AZ
    John Ensign - NV
    Chuck Hagel - NE
    Tom Harkin - IA
    Orrin Hatch - UT
    Daniel Inouye - HI
    James Inhofe - OK
    Jonny Isakson - GA
    Herb Kohl - WI
    Bill Nelson - FL
    Pat Roberts - KS
    Rick Santorum - PA
    Richard Shelby - AL
    Gordon Smith - OR
    Debbie Stabenow - MI
    Arlen Specter - PA
    Ron Wyden - OR
    David Vitter - L

    Please also contact the following Save Our Small and Seasonal Businesses Act (S. 352) supporting Senators and ask them if they will vote for cloture on the Mikulski Amendment to the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations bill. If 60 of them agree to vote for cloture, this will result in the H-2B bill coming up for a full vote in the Senate. It's important that we act today!

    Barbara Boxer - CA
    Maria Cantwell - WA
    Thomas Carper - DE
    Lincoln Chafee - RI
    Mike DeWine - OH
    Hillary Rodham Clinton -NY
    Susan Collins - ME
    Kent Conrad - ND
    Jon Corzine - NJ
    Larry Craig - ID
    Mark Dayton - MN
    Christopher Dodd - CT
    Elizabeth Dole - NC
    Judd Gregg - NH
    Byron Dorgan - ND
    Richard Durbin - IL
    Dianne Feinstein - CA
    Michael Enzi - WY
    Russell Feingold - WI
    James Jeffords - VT
    Tim Johnson - SD
    Edward Kennedy - MA
    John Kerry - MA
    Richard Lugar - IN
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln - AR
    Mary Landrieu - LA
    Frank Lautenberg - NJ
    Patrick Leahy - VT
    Carl Levin - MI
    Joseph Lieberman - CT
    Lisa Murkowski - AK
    Patty Murray - WA
    Barack Obama - IL
    Mark Pryor - AR
    Jack Reed - RI
    Chuck Schumer - NY
    Olympia Snowe - ME
    Harry Reid - NV
    Ted Stevens - AK
    John Sununu - NH
    John D. Rockefeller - WV
    Ken Salazar - CO
    Paul Sarbanes - MD
    Craig Thomas - WY
    John Thune - SD
    George Voinovich - OH
    John Warner - VA

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