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Help please 1st commercial bid

Im going to submit a bid for an approxametly 61000 sqaure feet commercial property . It has a moderate amount of trees some low lying areas witch will need to be weed wacked. I think I can mow it with my lazer 52 in about an hour an a half or two hours. The triming about another hour an a half or two hours. I was going to give them a price per cut bid or do you guys bid differently ? Also the property needs some cleaning up should I present a spring clean up fee as well ? What would you guys charge ? I sure do appreciate your help thank you !!!!!!!!!


LawnSite Senior Member
I have not done any properties this large as of yet, but the prices seem to be low considering your hours estimated, or your hours seem to be high? sounds like 4 hours of work for you, and bidding at only $80-100 is only going to get you about $20 per hour! Not sure, but sounds like something is off. My guess is you are over-estimating your time, just from the size of the lot, I would think it would be a little less.
Not sure if this helps, thought I'd try.


LawnSite Member
windsor, ontario
I waven't seen the property but if you can get most of it with your 52" than you over estimated the time. At the most you will have an hour there $80 is a fair bid. Its only 1.4 acres.