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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by tsimmons0615, Jul 24, 2012.

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    If we go to a customers yard and they want some extra work done that's not been agreed in the regular price My question is when they want extra things like weed eat around a pond or whatever How much do you charge for a laborer to do extra work per hour? or how would you charge
    For example I have this customer that we agreed on a set price for certain work and He tries to get my worker to do extra work that's not been agreed on in the set pricing Like weed eating around a 12 acre pond or weed eat in his pine trees or spray inside his trees. I would like to charge a hourly fee for any extra work but I'm trying to get a feel for what others would charge or how do you handle it.
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    Just strait up tell him that it's add on work and you'll do it for him and charge him x amount per man hour it takes to do the work.

    If he doesn't agree, then don't do the extra work.

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    I'm a solo op so it is easy for me to say, "OK, I'll get back tomorrow or next week", giving me time to figure out what its worth and what will be involved... You can either bid it again or simply invoice it when billing time rolls around...

    I always figure out my minimum charge for doing something then figuring out what the job was worth to the customer and just writing it on the bill... never had a problem as long as the job was done well...

    Most people call this sort of thing "Upselling",,, and be happy about it... :)

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