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Hi everyone I have a question I just need to ease mind so I don’t need to worry this is making me anxious …

so we had some dead wasps (or bee) they are gray hives under our deck. There was one new one they were all small in size. We had pest control come and we live in a community so we don’t have an outdoor hose. Anyway, the young man from the pest control company came and he filled his tank in my kitchen sink :rolleyes: Is this ok? There was no pesticides or chemicals that he brought into my home or anything he just filled his sprayer thing with water (I assume he had some pesticide in the sprayer?) but I just want to make sure that nothing could have contaminated my water or sink or anything being that I have to wash my families stuff in there. I may be being paranoid but I need some peice of mind. Also I’m not happy with the job they left a nest and didn't do a great job. Just wanted to ask for some reassurance. For those who would know how big is the tank in the sink? Meaning, would the faucet go in the tank? Is there any chance of danger here? I cleaned my sink after this … but I have to use my water so what can I do? it all happened so fast because I wasn't really watching because I was moving stuff away from the sink at the time we also were not expecting him to come so early so we were not prepared!

thank you.

Mark Stark

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You have nothing to worry about. Water supply is not contaminated. You cleaned everything which was smart. Nothing to worry about. If they missed a hive, just call them and let them know. Everyone around here guarantees their work. Give them a chance to correct the error.

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