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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by LMLA, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. LMLA

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    I have a big question. For me its not an easy answer. Im just starting a company I have no customers yet because we are moving to different state. Anyways most of everything is taken care of except equipment I have about $16k. Should I buy new equipment? I need pretty much everything. Quick answers appreciated.
  2. tonygreek

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    If you're not yet in your business location, have no customers, and have no equipment, what exactly does "most of everything is taken care of" mean? It sounds like the exact opposite. Do you have any industry experience?

    The more details, the better the help you'll received.
  3. LMLA

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    I have all my licenses, insurance, advertising. The only thing I lack is most important customers and the equipment to service them with. But I wouldnt owe anything on equipment the only monthly bills I would have would be some advertising, gas, phone bill.
  4. Vecchio Lawn Care

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    Research the area you will be living at and find out the average size of lawns and then buy your equipment for those sizes. I would start with used equipment until you get a solid customer base then after a few years you can go with new. I mean used equip. As in mowers. Go with new trimmer and blower
  5. Colaguy

    Colaguy LawnSite Senior Member
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    What State are you moving to?
  6. LMLA

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    Moving from GA to AL. Around a big lake with 3 towns on each side. I believe a lot of potential.
  7. LBOperator

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    Sounds like a great idea, with that kind of money you could buy top of the line demo or lightly used mowers. Most guys like a 48" - 54" deck for all around. Sometimes a 60" or 72" is way to big to get between the flower garden and patio. I'm not in your league but I love my 46", not to big not too small.
  8. Kurt6845

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    1st thing I would do is get there and see what kind of other LCOs are operating in that area. You say it has a lot of potential, but there may be 6 other guys that thought the same thing. I'm not saying that you can't make it because if you do things correctly, you definitely can, but it may be a little more difficult. That being said, guage how much business you could drum up and base your equipment off of that. I good solid 48" hydro walk behind wiht a sulky will usually be a great start. Usually, you can get them just about anywhere so long as there is not 3' gate to get thru. They are also easy to find used, as they are so common. Next, a good strong push mower, there's a lot of folks on here running the Honda Pro mowers or the eXmark Pro 30". Both are good mowers, but again look at your demographic. I for one, do not use a push mower very much and could not justify the kind of cash for one of the pro series, so I bought a simple Toro Personal Pace at Home Depot that was reconditioned for $200. It was practically brand new and does exactly what I need it to. I would then buy perfipherals. A brand new stick edger, string trimmer, decent size backpack blower, and hedge trimmer. I would go to a dealer for these items, as the ones they sell at HD or Lowe's are decent, but lack the power that you really want to have for commercial use and they don't carry the larger models. Another route to go, especially if you are a one man show, is the Echo PAS system or the Stihl Kombi system. It seems expensive, but when you total up all the dedicated tools you will buy otherwise, it winds up be a little cheaper to buy the power head and the attachments you need. Plus if the power head breaks, you replace it, not the whole machines, the same goes for the trimmer head or edger. Lastly, get yourself a reliable truck, like an F-150. I'd shoot for something under 100,000 miles that looks decent and runs well. Then a good 6x12 trailer. It's a lot of trailer for one mower, but you want to get bigger right? Well it doesnt cost too much more to go from say a 5'x10' to a 6x12 when you are buying it, so spend the money now, not later when you realize you need to add a second mower and don't have the room.
  9. Southern Lawn Care  LLC

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    From what I've seen living here in Alabama my whole life most of the yards down in dadeville will be one acre up most likely. There are some neighborhoods in the area with smaller yards of course. In my opinion a zero turn, a walk behind, blowers and trimmers would be sufficient for now. Just find a trailer that would benefit your needs. I have a 2011 6x12 enclosed trailer that I'm looking to sale.
  10. LBOperator

    LBOperator LawnSite Member
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    I agree on the trailer size, I bought a 5'x14' and wish I had bought the 6' wide model, I hate how cramped it is, and you have to pull up perfect on it every time or you scrape stuff up.

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