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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NateinAtl, Aug 13, 2001.

  1. NateinAtl

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    I have been asked to mow a soccer field just two times. There will be no trimming, edging, or blowing. All I have to do is mow a new bermuda grass area that is 70 yards by 120 yards. For those of you that do athletic complexes, what should I charge? Just mowing with a 48" Exmark walk behind. No sulkie.

    Thanks in advance. By the way, they have it contracted out begining in September to a LCO that uses reel mowers. That's fine by me. This is just a two time deal.
  2. Lawn-Scapes

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    but, I would charge $50
  3. crazygator

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    Tell them $120.00 total. That is for both times. Or $60 a cut, since your only doing it 2 times.
  4. Lawnshark2

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    We have an account at a school in which we are contracted to do their soccer, baseball, and softball fields. We charge $65 to do the soccer field. The soccer field is roughly 3 acres and only trimming around the goal posts and corner flags. They were okay with price and we didn't think we losing our shirt on it so we went with it. Hope this helps you out.

  5. Lawn-Scapes

    Lawn-Scapes LawnSite Silver Member
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    I screwed up the math...

    I did 70yds. x 120yds. x 3ft. = 25,200

    When I should have done...

    (70x3) x (120x3) = 75,600 sq. ft.

    $75.00 per cut
  6. fivestarlawnken

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    working on soccer fields very often: figure 1 to 2 hours walking . i would try to get somewhere in the 60.00 range. maybe try a little higher since it will be a two cut least you will get good excercise and a nice even field to mow!!:cool: good luck
  7. HBFOXJr

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    Gonna take a little under 2 hr to do it at 2.5 MPH and 3.5ft of cut. Add your travel time and multiply by what you need per hour to make money.
  8. Turfclippings

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    i would go $75 per cut. Since it already contrated to start in Sept. your sure to get it. The reel mowers will cut nice suprise they found someone to contract that type of cutting out. The soccer field is roughly 75000 sq ft and they are fun to cut. I maintain one and cut it every 3 days. So go have some fun couldnt tell how long on a wlkbehind.
  9. Cutter1

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    sounds like a good excuse to buy a velkie for your walkbehind!!!
  10. AltaLawnCare

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    Definately get a sulkie, velke, or pro-slide..
    That makes me tired just thinking about it.

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