Help pricing a Pace Summit 8.5 X 20.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Albery's Lawn & Tractor, Apr 13, 2008.

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    Stopped by my local Gravely dealer yesterday and saw he is now selling Pace trailers (only dealer in the area). He showed me 2 trailers one was a summit 8.5 X 20 but it only had 3,500lb axles (7K Gross and the trailer weighed over 3K empty) and he wanted $6,400. I liked the trailer for the most part but I thought it sat up a little high (no no-show beaver tail). The other trialer he had was a Pace car houler (not sure of model) same size, finished interior, no show beaver tail, but still only 3,500 lbs axle (and this trailer weighed almost 3500 lbs empty) for $6,500. Are these prices normal or in line with your area. I have a 7x16 now but would like a little bit bigger. I have a Covenant V-nose trailer, that I only paid $3K for new and I can get another one from them thats 8.5x20 v-nose with 5200 lb axels for less then $5K. Quality on the Pace is better but at the same time there is nothing wrong with my current Covenant that would make me not want to buy another one. What would you guys do?
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    I know for a fact that you are paying a good chunk for the "name". On a 20' trailer having only 3,000 lbs. available is not nearly enough. You're going to be over the weight limit in no time. Given the options you listed, I would not go with the Pace.

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    Thats one reason I didn't go with a pace or wells cargo this time you pay juast fore a well known trailer or "Name"...You can fine other brands, get options on it and still not pay $6,500 for it..
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    A car hauler trailer with 7k gvw? so you put just the car in the trailer and you are at the weight limit?:nono::nono::nono:

    I wouldn't want a 20' trailer unless it had 10k gvw- Go with the trailer that you are happy with now- put $500 of add ons into it and you will still have $1,000 left in your pocket.

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