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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by B and L, Aug 12, 2007.

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    I do housekeeping, and am helping a customer ready her house for sale. I would like to get into some landscaping with my husband. This lady has let us water and mow and cut down weeds and rake them away. She is not a micro manager, just lets us use our own judgement, but I don't know what to charge her for heavier weeding.
    The place is in two teraces with ground cover on slopes that are about 10'. The front of the property isn't too bad, just edge and cut down weeds in groundcover. But the back of the property has overgrown for what looks like a long time. There was a board and dirt stairway down to a deer-fenced garden area about 15'x15'. The whole back groundcover and garden and surrounding area have weeds and berry vines up to 4' tall....not really thick with berry vines though, mostly regular weeds, just big ones. I only have a sears gas and line weed cutter and a chain saw and a hedge trimmer and mower, and all the hand tools. My husband says to charge $800 to $1000. That sounds like a lot to me.
    I asked the lady to have her realtor (who seems to be the one with the say so about what needs done) to meet me out there on the property and tell me more specificly what he wants done. Just cut down weeds? Pull out weeds? till it all up?
    How would you handle this? And how much would you charge?
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    for this instance, probably figure out how many hours it will take you to clean the mess up. Figure a dollar value for the tools you are using. ie. what happens if you break the weedeater or hedge clipper, or even a hand tool. How are you going to dispose of the weeds, etc.

    I would make sure your client and you are on the same page, and once you figure a quote run it by them before starting the work. If they're getting ready to sell, I would say they would want it looking neat and tidy, and for 800-1000 that's probably not to much to ask.
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    I just emailed the woman with an $800 estimate. And I got some more specific info from her, but want to get her on the phone while I am out there to be sure I don't waste my energy on stuff that doesn't matter.
    I guess with both my husband and I working $800 will amount to about 3 seven hour sessions of work. Does that sound right?
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    To do it right, the weeds need to be dead first. Otherwise she might be complaining about why they are already coming back again. You'll need to have someone do this since you're not licensed, but just add that into your price.
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    Thank You CARCRZ
    Great advice to remember.

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