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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by capecodlawn, Sep 10, 2006.

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    When you charge by the hour, how do you factor in brush removal and back and forth to disposal area? For example... In preparation for a home going on the market, I quoted $35 / hour to clear brush, trim, light tree work. The job was complete and today I spent 4 hours hauling debris in my 5x8 box trailer. I'm going to bill @ $35 for my time, but should I mark up the actual disposal fee, charge for the hauling (IE... GAS). Do you include the actual invoice from the disposal area with the invoice or just add line item:

    Town fee for disposal of Brush - $100 :confused:

    I'm leaning more and more towards flat rate pricing up front to avoid all this tracking, hours, fees, etc... :dizzy:

    Thanks for the assist. I do not like leaving money on the table and if there is a creative way to make some money, I am all ears. :)
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    I would incorporate your time and gas in the diposal fee and then your actual onsite labor on another line. I guess that would keep it somewhat simple. If they ask why the price for disposal is hi then explain the inclusions.

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