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    New to the site! You guys offer some great advice and I am looking for some. I have a chance to bid on a lawn installation at a condo. Some background first. I am a new landscaping owner but have worked for lanscaping companies for about five years. I have installed lawns before but I never did the bidding so this is new to me. I am looking for some guidance on pricing. The area that needs to be sodded is approximately 3,600 square feet, flat and will need a base layer (2 in.) of new soil. Myself and another will be doing the work. One of my questions is for example: If I buy soil at $20 a yard do I add $$ to that for profit? Same goes for sod. Do I add anything in addition to the "cost" of the material. How do I figure my labor cost? What would be my installation/labor cost for spreading 22 yds of soil? by hand! And what would I charge on the instalation of the sod? Or do I charge (for example) $45.00 an hour for say eight hours work? :dizzy: This is my first "job" bid outside of lawnmowing so I want to get it right. Any helpful advice would be appreciated :blob3: I have read an example of the mark up for a mulch job and understand in that example they charged $32 a yard (installation/labor) on top of the cost/mark up of mulch and delivery fee. Is there a percentage that you add to the cost of the sod/soil/mulch that you paid for it? How would you guys bid on this job? I hope I have made myself clear in my questions and have given enough information. Thanks!


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