help pull 91 fence posts


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hey guys....i have a project coming up and want to know if there is a better way of doing things. There are 91 4X4" fence posts that i need to remove. They are not concreted in...just buried down about 18 inches and after 20 years are quite firmly in place. So im planning on using a tire rim up against the posts....with a chain around their base and pulling them out with my truck.
Does anybody have a faster method? Thanks guys

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After 20 years I'm surprised they aren't firmly rotted, PT lumber or otherwise. The chain and truck will be just as fast. Why spend money for the Bobcat. Even better if you have a helper. You drive, he hooks and chucks it in the bed, repeat down the line.
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Pole jack would be easiest and most professional IMHO. Pretty much take a farm jack and chain. Choke the chain around the pole or use a cable. Drive a hard head to hold the chain choked and jack it out. Truck and rim is similar to what I describe.

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thats what i was thinkin , just runnem over but slowly as in push them over with rear bumper

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