HELP! Pythium blight

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by VRL, Jan 15, 2002.

  1. VRL

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    I just installed 2K sq.ft. of Tall Fescue and noticed Pythium blight. If I understand correctly Pythium blight is a white web fungus in lawns.

    Should I treat it or should I replace it? The weather is warm during the day and cold in the evening. Pythium blight is only noticed in the shady areas and I am only watering it once a week.

    Please help. Any info. is greatly appreciated.

    MATTHEW LawnSite Senior Member
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  3. VRL

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    Thank you Matthew for your help.

    FERT REP LawnSite Member
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    Pythium typically doesn't appear until warm humid weather coupled with warm humid nights occur.Take a digital picture.However ,as you know, quite a bit different from Oh.
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  6. osc

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    How could it be Pythium this time of year? It's not. Temps must be above 65; ideally above 70 degrees at night.
  7. VRL

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    I understand so what can it be? I did a search on the internet and found a picture similar to my problem. It is white webby/cottony on the blades. They are small and big patches. One area is already bare. Dew stays on most of the day in the shade area. Tempatures are high 70's in the day and 40's at night.

    I called my sod vendor and they said they were coming out to take a look. They think it is a fungus that came from their sod farm and if so they will replace it. Sod comes with one year warranty.
  8. grassguy_

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    Sounds like what your describing and the current conditions you're experienceing that dollar spot may be your culprit, especially if its in an area that is shaded a good part of the day and the dew takes considerable amount of time to leave. Hose off dew in the mornings so mycellia won't spread to infect neighboring plants and keep fertility rate up. Good Luck!
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    There is "cool weather pythium" but I certainly don't know CA weather paterns of this time of year. VRL, what has the weather been like for the past 2-3 weeks? Regardless of the symptoms, The weather for the 10 or so days preceeding the symptoms combines with the host data will us a lot more than pictures can.

    How long was the sod stored as rolls?

  10. VRL

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    Some days have been warm during the day, then cold at night, next morning with ice on the ground. On the day of the installation was cold and cloudy. Sod looked very different than other times, yellowish and the blades looked much thinner and smaller, couldn't grab it without tearing. Other times were dark green and you can grab the blades to butt against the other pieces.

    Sod was delivered on the scheduled day and installed on the same day. It started raining by the time we left and all day the next day. Lots of rain. Since then warm days and cold nights and mornings are getting colder, possibly ice again if it gets colder.

    It's been a weird weather pattern.

    Thanks all of you for the help. I have not had a chance to call my vendor about the problem. The lawn has established but it is still getting the white/cotton/web stuff. Getting bare and their dog (Lab.) is starting to tear up the lawn. If the lawn dies I'll blame it on the dog. lol.

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