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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by LAWN-BOYZ, Jan 2, 2005.


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    I was wondering if I could get some advice on what kind of purchases I should be making. I have looked into buying more equipment, and I know that people on this forum could tell me what type of equipment I need first.

    I presently have 10 customers, and am planning on picking up 40-90 in the spring by launching a marketing campaign. My equipment is as follows: push mower - Lawn-Boy, STIHL backpack blower, 2 trimmers (Shindaiwa and STIHL), Ford F-150, and an old John Deer edger.

    I presently am focused on small lots, all of my lots are under a 1/4 acre. I target older people - ages 60+. I have found that the baby boomers are too picky and are looking for companies that can take care of all of their needs(I don't spray or fertilize, adn have very limited landscaping experiance.

    In order to handle more properties I know I need more equipment.

    What equipment should I purchase? I have about 3 000 dollars to spend.

    Thanks in advance, you guys are the :cool2: est
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    Stick edger would help and replace what you have and use your old equip for back up, might also consider a 36 inch walk behind to get the work done faster.

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    Thanks for the advice :) , short but you answered my question well.

    One more question, do you think I should get anything bigger than a 36? I have no plans to do large properties, but I am just thinking in terms of efficiency?
  4. Wells

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    You are really going to be pushing it on time trying to service 90 clients with your existing equipment. Think about purchasing equipment that will cut time from your your schedule.

    The one item that is going to save you the most time is a larger mower. With a $3000 budget your are going to be limited to a walk behind mower, probably a 36" or 42", but it will definitely be a huge time saver for you.

    As your business grows think about replacing your oldest pieces of equipment first.

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    what should be the main factors that I should look at when shopping at my local dealers?

    What are the main walk behind brands? I am ashamed of myself for not knowing too much about walk behinds. But thanks in advance for helping me out here guys
  6. Wells

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    When shopping for a walk behind mower keep in mind what your needs are going to be. If you need to get it into yards that have gates then you will need a mower that can get through a standard 36" gate, so you'll be limited to smaller mowers.

    You also have the option of a belt driven mower versus a hydro mower. The hydro is going to be a better mower but will cost you more. You should also keep in mind the cost for accessories like a mulch kit, sulky, bagging system, etc.

    There are various brands available to you including: Exmark, Toro, Gravely, Great Dane, Scag, Quick 36, John Deere, etc. If you do a search you will find pages and pages of mower brands and preferences.

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