help reseeding old lawn with clover

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by robertb_44, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. robertb_44

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    was going to aerate and slice seed a lawn, but customer seemed worried about clover. Not too many other weeds. I tried to tell them it wasn't too bad, but think they want it out.

    The lawn used to be a very good lawn, northern exposure, bent fescue mostly. It was covered by tarps from roofing last summer. The grass has come back to some degree, but definitely needs renovating.

    They don't seem like the kind of people to go overboard and I thought it would be too costly to start from scratch.

    Would you roundup the clover areas and then just rake it out or do I have to dig it up after?

    Would you just reseed it as it and tell them you'll spray the clover later in the season after the lawn is reestablished?

    Also was thinking of adding a topdressing of compost.

    Would appreciate any advice.
  2. White Gardens

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    Instead of Round-up, I would give it a good does of a lawn herbicide to kill the clover without killing any existing grass.

    After a few weeks, then go in and over-seed. Just tell the homeowner that he will need to water accordingly.
  3. RigglePLC

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    Overseed now, with starter fert. Omit crabgrass control of course. Kill the clover and new weeds with a product containing triclopyr after the third mowing (of new grass). Should be in about 6 weeks.
  4. robertb_44

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    thanks, but I don't think they want to wait for several more weeks to reseed it. If I use 4 speed or momentum I have to wait right? With roundup would only have to with a little over a week.

    I wasn't going to kill the whole lawn, just the sections of clover.

    Also I think I agree spray the weeds after the lawn is established. I'd rather go that route, but not sure they'll like it, that's why thinking of killing clover early next week.
  5. mikesturf

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    If you can use/buy it, try Imprelis. You can reseed the lawn and spray the clover at same time.
  6. RigglePLC

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    Stay away from the Roundup. Mike is right--use the Imprelis. If not, just kill the clover and seed after 2 weeks. That is a minimum interval, but it should work just fine.
    Also you can use Drive to kill the clover--it is seed-safe.

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