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    hey guy's need some help. i have a 96 scag ssz rider and it keep's blowing a fuse instantly as soon as i turn the key on. there is only two fuse's that i can see one has two yellow wire's to it and the other has two red wire's to it. the one that keep's blowing is the one with the red wire's. it has blown that fuse before a couple of time's but i would put a new fuse in and it would be fine. but not this time put a fuse in turn the key and fuse blow's. i took a couple photo's just to show which wire's im talking about. i looked for the obvious exposed wire but see nothing any help would be appreciated. thank's

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    electrical 001.jpg

    electrical 002.jpg
  3. Restrorob

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    Unplug your ignition switch and check the post for rust or corrosion, also in the connector plug. I have seen many rust and cause a bad connection in turn burning the contacts inside the switch and shorting out.
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    Do you have any safety's jumped? I worked on a scag that the customer had the same issue, and I found the seat switch wires jumped and stuffed back under the seat and it was grounding out causing the fuse to blow. You may also want to try disconnecting the clutch, just as proses of elimination.

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    No, I don't have any safety's jumped. I will try disconnecting the clutch to see what it does, and I will also clean up all the contacts on the ignition switch, and see what happens.

    I'll let ya know!!
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    If you do find rust on switch spade connectors (most commonly the red positive one) cleaning may not help because internal burning of the contacts inside may have already happened, Just replace the switch to fully eliminate it as being the problem.
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    On my Z It would burn the switch to almost total melt down inside. It was the purple wire on mine. But I never did find the problem. I took my entire mower apart. I traced that wire everywhere it went and didnt find anything burnt. So alls I did was make a push button to the starter. The switch still works as far as ignition. Its just not turning the motor pver anymore. My old dealer use to charge me $25 for that switch.
    So you may need to trace that wire everywhere like I did to see if its shorted anywhere.

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    ok i disconnected the ignition and cleaned terminal's which had no rust and very little corrosion. and cleaned the terminal's on the fuse plug no rust just a little corrosion. disconnected the clutch still blowing fuse as soon as you turn the key. i have a amperes meter on the mower from the factory and as soon as you turn the key the meter goes all the way down to -10 and blow's the fuse:dizzy: so you think the ignition switch might be bad
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    If the switch looked OK I would think thats not the problem but it could be tested with it unplugged using a multimeter set on ohms. With the red test lead on the B spade and black test lead on the G spade and the switch in the on position it should read a open circuit.

    There is a component or wire shorted some where and it is a process of elimination to find it. I start by disconnecting each component one at a time until the short goes away then replace the bad component, If it doesn't with doing this then it's time to start tracing wires as Chad said.

    Below is three things I see that can be eliminated or found at fault, Disconnect each, One at a time and see if the fuse blows. I use a regular auto circuit breaker when testing instead of blowing a bunch of fuses.

    Sorry, I'm not familiar with Scag units but this is a basic way of checking electrical systems on all brand units.

    Electrical test pic..jpg
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    we see this alot on toro dingos. it usally ends up being a flywheel magnet/stator issue if it happen as soon as you turn the key on. if you disconnect the plug at the regulator/rectifier (black 3 prong plug, 2 white 1 black wire) and install new fuse and try it then. if it does not blow the fuse, it prolly is the magnets or stator. if it still does it, its prolly on the scag side of the harness/system

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