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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Strawbridge Lawn, Mar 25, 2003.

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    What is the machine rental for? Is it a roller? Or is it to prep the soil? Just to lay the sod..$1.25 per sq.yd. (divide by 9 to get sq.ft)
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    I just installed 1,350 square feet of sod yesterday. My price for sod, St Augustine, here in North Texas, is $1.89 per square yard.

    Divide that by 9 to get the price per square foot.

    The going rate for sod installation, including tilling, is $2.75 per square yard.

    I worked my tail end off yesterday and made $362.00 for 11 hours of work. (That included driving back and forth to pick up a palet of sod three times because I'm too cheap to just pay a $50 delivery fee for a 2.5 mile transport.) Good money in sod if you can get the work. And I bid that one kind of low.

    As a rule, if the sod doesn't have to be carried too far from the truck, they figure on 1.5 hours per palet, depending on how much sod you have to cut to go around things like sprinkler heads and trees. (A palet of sod weighs about a ton.)

    By the way, there is a thread on here that talks about rolling the sod after it's installed. The thread indicates that Virginia Tech doesn't recommend rolling.

    Good luck,
    DFW, TX
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    Thank You. Do not plan to roll the sod, but will aerate and apply starter fert prior to putting sod down. I expect the 5K sqr ft to take 2 days( more likely 1.5 day)s. Have a Dingo to help transport sod squares to application area. 2 helpers.
    Cost of sod (delivery and all)
    plus dingo rental, fert

    Labor 2 days 3 people $1,200.00 total $2,700.00

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