HELP spreading 5/8 crushed rock

Discussion in 'Professional Discussions' started by rainorshineolympia, Jun 14, 2018.

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    I have a driveway that im going to resurface with 5/8 crushed rock. The total area of the driveway is 3540sq ft, materials is gonna cost me about 350, and i was curious as to how much you guys would charge for a job like this, they also want it compacted with a compacter, i was thinking 1000, but now im wondering if thats not enough since i have to rent a compacter, also wanting to rent a skid steer but now with materials, plus rentals my expenses are about 650, so charging 1000 would only give me 350 profit, that cant be right......? HELP
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    Errrr, this is an irrigation forum, just saying
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    Either way you could 2-3k or more for 3-4" of gravel. Obviously 1k isn't enough you did the calculation yourself, now all you have to do is change that number
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    You’re not helping the situation
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    Wrong forum padna.

    While we’re off topic

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