HELP!!! Stander problems I need some ideas for mowing

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by racer56, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. racer56

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    We just bought I Wright Stander 36" rapid height. I guess this thing just isn't going to work for us. We just can't keep it from spinning the tires on start and stop sometimes. TUrns are ok it is crazy. For the 6400 or so with bag we spent we are in bad shape. Had a lady call and demand a seeding job and she is right so I guess the dang mower cost even more than that. This is an '08 and they changed to a bigger rim and a tire with a very low profile for some reason. The tire seems too stiff to get any traction without first killing the lawn.
    Another round with this thing and we will be in big trouble with our mowing customers. THe dealer I got it from sells Toro, Snapper(junk Briggs) and the Wrights. The guy is very nice and we are hoping he will work with us as the mower just can't cut well, gators make the cut worse, bag is so low and gets lifted off with uneven ground and it leaves burn-out marks on the lawn.
    We need something fast that will work. Should we just lump it and go walk behind? Any fixes to make the Stander we have even acceptable? I am just plain sick and so is Dad. RIght now we just want to toss some money at this problem and move on I guess.
    Most of the properties and hilly, irrigated fescue that needs bagged in the fast growing months.
  2. Shady Brook

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    If you are totally unhappy, which it sounds like you are, contact the dealer, and see if he will work out a deal with you to get you into another mower of a different type.

    I have an older 36" Stander. The build quality is outstanding, it's reliability has been second to no mower I have previously owned. It is fast, quick, and fun to drive.

    If you are not experienced with it, it will be a wrecking ball to the grass. Controls are very sensative and the machine can really tear stuff up. In the begining you will probably tear turf even when you move at a snails pace on your turns. You always have to keep both tires moving, even more so then on a large rider. You will get better at it as time goes on.

    Now if you have a lot of hills, and you are trying to turn on hills, it will tear the turf if the root system is not very solid no matter how good at driving it you are. It may tear with a good root system.

    If it is wet, it is more then likely going to tear no matter how good you are. Skill helps, but does not eliminate the problem.

    If you have lumpy ground, the bagger is going to hang up, but would do so on walkbehinds as well, so a new walkbehind will not eliminate the problem.

    The fall is coming on, and if you are mowing where it is shady, the grass gets weaker and will tear more. The Stander will put a wuppin on shady grass areas, but most mower will.

    The cut may at times deceive you where you think it cuts great, but a slight change in conditions such as more moisture, higher then normal growth, and it will show it's true colors. I have rarely been satisfied with the cut of my unit.

    From my perspective I can not understand paying $6400 for a 36" mower. I could keep my eye open and get 6-10 belt drive 36" to $48 used mowers for the price in local papers. For most folks a 36" is a starting point to getting a bigger mower, and will eventually be a gate mower. If I were going to buy a 36" new mower, I would look at the Better Quick 36. To get one and bagger plus spare parts for under 3k is pretty hard to beat for something that will only get limited hours in a year or two.

    I paid 4k for my Stander about five years ago, and it has served me well. I would not buy another 36" unit because of the potential turf damage issues, and because of the outrageous cost of a new one. Smallest I would likely consider would be a 52". I don't think the money is that much different...but then again it is not much more to get a full blown sit down rider.

    Anyway, the decision is yours, and I wish you the best.
  3. MWHC

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    We bought a Wright 36 with the RH. With a skilled operator (me) this has been the best mower I have ever seen in 20 years. Well worth the cost. I paid about what you did. The only time I see turf tearing is in wet conditions or on hills. If you hate it that bad, the dealer will probably let you trade it in on something. You wont be out the whole 6K.
  4. ed2hess

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    We have basically the same unit and the control situation get better with experience. We work a lot of small yards with turns and our guys now are doing fine. We mulch 100% and dont' have any problems with the cut. I don't think this thing was designed for bagging but could be wrong. The bag load will eventually damage the height detent mechanism and I would have thought it would affect the cut a lot on turns.
  5. Bigdog9501

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    It may go without saying, but, let some air out of the back tires. That really made a big difference on my 48" Wright that was having the spinning issue.
  6. Greenery

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    I agree here I think I dropped ours down to about 8-10 psi it helped alot with traction
  7. sedge

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    All we run are 32's. I agree with the lower air pressure as well, but I think the main problem is on how your turning. Are you doing a "zero" turn or a "k" turn? If you try a zero turn on fescue, then you'll rip it to shreds like your doing now, but a k turn will almost completely eliminate that. When you get to the end, go right, then back up to your left facing your next area to cut.

    Also, there are 2 settings for speed on the controller's. Make sure it is in the slow setting while you gain experience.
  8. Frue

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    Find out what they will give you for it, most likely it will be at a loss. Do not focus on the loss. I say that because you have used it to make money with.
    I bought a exmark and hated it, I took it back and took a 800 dollar loss. I cut over 1600 dollars with and you can write the loss off on your taxes.
    Get rid of the mower and get what you need to make money with.
  9. tallimeca

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    there's a write up this month on the Great Dane (or offically, should be called Gravely now) Super Surfer and their newer 36.

    Guy who demoed it loved them both. Only complaint was on the 36, was prone to spinning the tires on startup when your not use to it.

    I think the more time you spend, you will learn to operate around it.
  10. Lazer_Z

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    Actually it's a 34" stander.


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