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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Bruin, Oct 24, 2006.

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    Hey all, I am new to the forum having stumbled upon it while researching commercial grade string trimmers. After spending some time working with the Department of Forestry doing seasonal brush clearancelly,for fire prevention, a buddy and I are interested in setting up shop for ourselves. I have more questions than I can think of at the moment so any information that anyone could provide is very much appreciated.

    Specifically, I am wondering what string trimmers you guys would recommend for heavy duty brush clearance. Most of the brush needing to be cleared will be tall grasses, but there is also plenty of small shrubs such as sage mixed in. I know we will also need to purchase some other power tools such as chainsaws, any other recommendations?

    Also any help on what sort of quotes to give for brush clearance would be helpful, I will do some research into this myself but any extra input would be great.

    Would also appreciate any other possible information you think may help us on our journey towards starting the business, thanks!
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    You should know what equipment you will need if you cleared brush for the forestry dept....shouldn't you? I am not trying to come across rude, seriously. Isn't it kind of like working for a landscape business and then wondering which wheel barrow to buy?
    I have used Billy Goat brush cutters......for the type of brush you mentioned, this would be perfect. It is relatively narrow though, 20 something inches. Very similar to brush cutters sold at Northern Tool. If you are doing it for a living though, I would get a couple of those, a tractor and brush hog, something like the 48" brush cutter as posted earlier, maybe even a BobCat with mulching attachments, a couple big dump trailers, plenty of handtools, chainsaws, license and insurance, etc.....
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    But for brush clearing, the WB Billy Goat seem to be very popular around here.
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    Walk behind brush mowers will get you started. Two good chainsaws and a brush saw are recommended. I started out with light equipment and have grown. Look at Husky or Stihl brush saw. I use the biggest stihl occasionally. It was hefty on the price $1,100 but is comfortable and will out cut any string trimmer with saw blade. The best tools make for increased efficiency. Find a dealer you trust and you are buying service with your equipment. If you already have a truck, you can get a small loan and get saws, brush saws, a DR or similar and a small trailer and be in business with the forestry experience you have. Look at smaller jobs and talk to bigger companies. I personally refer a lot of work out to smaller companies or competent saw guys. I can tell you, though, if you aren't experienced with bigger trees, then do not do them yourself without proper supervision. Sub that out and carry insurance!
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    I use a l3400dt 4x4 kubota w/fel. I have four bushhog brand munure forkes bolted in the bucket about four ft. long. I have a climbing saw (one handed) it is a echo. Butt buy a top of the line still climbing saw, you will use it allot. Buy a descent large chiain saw. I WOULDN,T BUY ANTHING BUT STILL. I have 2 still brush cutters 1 new fs 350 and 1 fs 66 that is 17 years old. But I has a fs 110 fourmix that is convertable i use for edgeing and hedge clipping, but the four mix has the guts to cut trees and is not near as heavy as the large brushcutter, As for the 8995.00 walk behind brush cutter for 13995. you can buy a 48 horse kubota w/bushhog. And also get 50 - 60 dollars a hour four bushhogging. And a lot of my jobs are all day one load & unload. Ten yards are 10 loads and unloads. I charge by the hour 50-60 dollars for me and equip. & $15 for a helper. I have bid a few and people will pay it. I bid one of my lawn customers $350. me and a helper cut the brush on a hill in three hours. I have learned my first year back in lawn care since the yazoo walk behinds. lol You can make a lot more if you bid the job than you can by the hour. When I bushhog and it is grown up and it takes 8 hours the next time i cut it and it takes 6 hours I sstill charge the same $400. Would someone tell me i didnt screw up buying lawn equipment last month. But I now enough to buy good stuff even if you have to finance it. Gravley wb/ 48" 21hp z, toro 21,everything else STILL. Some tell me I can make good money next year w/mowers. Not afraid to work and do a better job than the last guy.

    Ps. When I started clearing I would tell the new customer I will come and work for the my min.($260 - $300) and if your are not happy is will load my truck end leave but I have never been ask to leave. I it is hard work and a lot of people dont want to do it. So dont be a fraid to charge. I probly dont charge enough.

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