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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by EMWEB, Jun 29, 2006.

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    O.K. Today was the day. . . They delivered my brand new Turf Tiger - 52" deck, 27 Hp, light kit, bumper, trailer hitch & adjustable suspension seat . . . Looks great . . . . Super dealer . . . Did orientation on operation, answered a thousand questions . . . Now how did you guys learn to manauver one of these things? I have to really go slow and think . . Any tips or a thread that might help would be appreciated . . . Mower tracks perfectly straight . . . I just don't seem to be coordinated enough . . hopes this improves . . . How long does it take for a first time ZTR operator to learn . . .
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    I don't know, but I highly recommend you take an afternoon and go over the entire machine, and check everything nut by nut.

    This first helps you familiarize yourself with it but also while you check it, it is very possible you will find some things that are not 100 percent - Fixing them now will save you warranty repairs later. Yes, re-grease all the zerks, check tire pressures, see how the belts run (and if they're as tight as they should be) I mean really go over the whole thing piece by piece.

    Then, practice on your yard and also offer free cuts to friends for a bit, and you might take it out on 1 or 2 customers yards whom you know won't say too much if you flub it a bit. Know you will likely need between 6-12 maiden cuts before you get half way with it, then likely about a month before you can start to dig it. In that time, do not be afraid to make adjustments to the deck / blade height, or any other adjustments that you think might improve things for you, but always remember the previous setting and so do these one at a time and measure the results as such.

    Hope that helps
  3. EMWEB

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    Thanks . . even though I have an excellent dealer, it could not hurt & I might learn something . . .

  4. HighGrass

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    Take it to a nice field of grass and play. Practive your turns and turning around without ripping any turf.
  5. befnme

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    thats what i did . i went to the horse pasture at the front of my property and burt alot of fuel .but in about an hour or so had it down pat. it still took a while for me to trust my self to get real close to objects though .
  6. Nosmo

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    Well congratulations on getting your new machine. Since most of your mowing will be done moving forward I'll give you something to remember .

    When you are moving forward and need to make any turn pretend you are pushing a shopping cart with both hands.
    When you want to turn any amount to the right push the cart with your left hand. Turn left -- push with the right hand.

    Backing up is another thing. Depending on how far you are backing does make a difference and you will have to figure this one out . For instance when I back out of my
    shop the ZTR will try to swing sideways so the caster wheels can pivot themselves 180 degrees.

    You'll get it worked out. Good Luck.

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