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    There are so many ZTR mowers out right now, it get confusing. I am trying to find a mower for residential use that has commercial quality.

    The one problem with these sites is their are hardly any prices availabe.

    I would like to know how the hustler mini z compares with the Exmark Lazer.............23 hp with 50-52" deck.
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    Are you comparing a Hustler Mini Z to a full size Lazer or a Lazer HP ?? or a Lazer CT ??
    Here are a couple threads to check out when comparing a Hustler FasTrak to a Lazer CT

    The reason I give you the links above is because, depending how much you are cutting in your residential use application the FasTrak may be the best choice for you….

    If you are comparing a Hustler Mini Z to full size Lazer, you are not comparing apples to apples….you would need to compare the Hustler Z to the Lazer…

    As far as pricing goes on this website, I always post Hustler MSRP when someone asks.
    I guess no MFG’s really publish there MSRP’s to the public….it is not like it is any type of top secret….I think the reason some do not put there MSRP’s out to the public is due to there different MSRP’s in different regions or sales areas across the country.
    Hustler does not use this technique, our MSRP is the same across the whole U.S.A !!, this does not mean your sales price will not vary….you need to work with your dealer on what machine/price is best for you…..
    I am going to give you FasTrak and Mini Z and Super Mini Z MSRP pricing here in this thread, but I am also going to post all the Hustler MSRP prices in this forum at the top of the page where it is easy to get to and read…
    If you have any questions feel free to E-mail me @



    FasTrak, 17.5HP B&S / 44" 926774 $4,699
    FasTrak, 17.5HP B&S / 52" 926600 $4,899
    FasTrak, 16HP Honda / 44" 926527 $4,999
    FasTrak, 18HP Honda / 44" 926519 $5,199
    FasTrak, 18HP Honda / 52" 926592 $5,399
    FasTrak, 20HP Honda / 52" 926501 $5,599

    Hustler Mini Z, 19HP Kawasaki / 44", standard seat. 926816 $7,195
    Hustler Mini Z, 19HP Kawasaki / 52", standard seat. 926808 $7,295
    Hustler Mini Z, 23HP Kawasaki / 52", standard seat. 926832 $7,795
    Hustler Mini Z, 24HP Honda / 52", standard seat. 926824 $7,895
    Super Mini Z, 23HP Kawasaki / 44", suspension seat. 926840 $8,195
    Super Mini Z, 25HP Kawasaki / 52", suspension seat. 926873 $8,595
    Super Mini Z, 24HP Honda / 52", suspension seat. 926865 $8,495
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    The Hustlers( Mini Z, FasTrak - All but 18 Honda, Full 60" Z) I demo'd far out performed the Exmarks (Full Laser, Laser HP and Laser CT) The Laser CT is not much of a machine and the price is about $600 higher than the comparable FasTrak. As the thread above reads, I bought the Mini Z 23/52 out the door for $6200. The Fastrak probably would have been enough, but I wanted a full comercial frame / deck and just loved the sound of that 23 Kaw when it reved to engage the blades. Could have gotten the full size Z with 23Kaw / 60" deck for $500 more, but decided the 52" was big enough for me.
    As you read the various post on this site you will find a HUGE Exmark following. Exmark spends a ton a $$$ on advertising and they do make a good product. But Hustler makes an excellent product and you don't have to cough up an extra $1000 for those pretty billboards and magazine adds.
    Bottom line is that you need to find a good dealer that you can count on and demo the 2-3 models you have set your sights on. Good luck with whatever you get. My vote is for HUSTLER!

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