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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by KML, Aug 14, 2004.

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    I am having trouble with my hydroseeder, no problems at all when towing my equipment trailer. When towing the hydroseeder and I touch the brake pedal even the least bit the electric brakes on the hydroseeder lock up even when the brake controller is turned all the way down to its lowest setting. It works fine when I manually activate the brake controller it is only when I use the brake pedal. I replaced the brake controller this morning and the problem still exists. The truck is seven years old and everything has worked fine up to this point and the hydroseeder is only a couple of years old and never had any trouble with it. All the wiring is sealed on the seeder and it was serviced this winter, it doesn't get used a lot but enough that corrosion in the brakes shouldn't be an issue.

    Anyone ever experience this type of problem? I am frustrated and at a loss for what to do. I am thinking of backing the adjusters off so that I don't ruin the tires, but I really don't want to, I want to fix it right, the unit is really heavy when full and the brakes are needed. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Check your post in the Mechanic and Repair forum

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