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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by RickR1818, Aug 16, 2007.

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    Ok guys,

    Here is the deal. This is my first season and I have a commercial account that I maintain that is relatively small in size. There is a large warehouse next door that I am bidding on. The guy in charge wants me to bid this job along with his neighborhood common areas ( He is homeowner assoc pres.) and his house which is approx an acre. He states that he may also be able to get me 6 or 7 residents from his neighborhood which are all an acre.
    First of all I need some advice on the warehouse. Here are the details:
    -76,000 sq ft of Turf
    -3,122 sq ft of mulch beds that he wants weeded on as needed basis
    -38 bushes that need to be trimmed as needed
    - approx 2257 linear ft of areas that need trimmed/ edged (includes retention pond that needs edged where mower cant reach.)
    It took me 25 minutes to walk the outer realm of property with a measuring wheel at a walking pace.

    Any help or info would be much appreciated. I will have the info on the neighborhood and residential houses by Sat.

    Thanks in advance,

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    hay rick:

    what ya wanna remember is YOUR cost, dont fall into the trap of "I need a bid on this one and I can get ya more" dont be surprised if the more never comes, HOA's are cheep, I mean VERY cheep.

    you know what type of equiptment you have and how long it takes you do cut, trim and such, also if you have a helper or not,

    this sounds like the typical, give me a bid on this one, with the propspect of more work...

    take your time and bid it as if it's the only one..

    Good luck
  3. RickR1818

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    Well, He is having me bid on everything and said it could be I get one or the other or both. Most HOA's are cheap but this is an exclusive neighborhood where the homes range from 350-900K. The problem is that I just have me and another guy and the guy who does it now has a crew of 5 and he is done in an hour. I am figuring around 2.5 -3 hours for me and another guy. I also feel that we would be more detailed though. Like i said his property backs up to one I already do and this crew cuts corners behind the building and such. Frankly, it makes my customers look worse and I am not going to do someone elses work. Would you think that $325 a cut is too much for this property? That is what I am coming up with but this is my first large comm bid.
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    hay Rick:

    No Not at all that sounds like a good estimate, hope you figured in everything. I know I have ate crow on a few.

    talking about hoa's I service 1 area that the Cheep homes are a million plus.
    the HOA was taking bids for the common ground. " around the pick nic area and the entrance" they wanted it done biweekly,
    I shot them a price of 250.00. they flipped....seems one of the HOA's kids were doing it for 30 and 35.00 they thought that was a good price.
    well I nearly flipped.

    anyway. on propteries like this "yours" ya wanna watch. what sometimes will happen is if its bidded too high the owner will hire a guy full time and keep him there.

    But that suonds like a good starting price, and remember that will try to get ya to come down, most of them anyway.

    be sure to look at all the bushes, they can be a pain sometimes..

    Good Luck

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