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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Kohls Landscaping Co, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. Kohls Landscaping Co

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    Hi. I am looking to purchase a larger walk-behind mower as i expand my lawns. I currently have a 32" Toro walk-behind and am looking at: 52" Toro, 52" SCAG, and the 48" Gravely (i'm looking at the belt driven models). I'm wondering if you have had any experience with these mowers and which you feel would be best. I currently am cutting 15 residential yards a week which are all just a little under an acre. Thanks for the help!!
  2. TaussigLawnCare

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    I would get a toro or exmark. I currently run toros but I have been testing the exmarks alot and I will prolly buy the 48 hydro next year. but thats just me
  3. 65hoss

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    Demo them in the grass at your properties. See what you like the best. Do a search on each type your considering here and see what people like and dislike about those machines. The more education about the subject the better your long term happiness will be with the mower.
  4. Doc Pete

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    And it wouldn't hurt to look at the 49" Hustler Hydro with full floating deck, at around $4,500 (more or "less")...........
  5. pjslawncare/landscap

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    I would strongly suggest going hydro. The extra expense is worth the better performance, less fatigue and higher productivity
  6. lawncare3

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    I agree. Hydro is the best I have ever owned. I bought a used one for about $500- (48")

    Just look for a used one with low hours.

    Good luck.:)
  7. redbull

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    How do you jump a curb with this unit??? Stick with the Toro, if quality of cut, service friendlness, parts availability means anything to you
  8. DLCS

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    Why would climbing a curb be a problem. Just back up to the curb on a angle.
  9. redbull

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    You can't do that on all curbs. The reason I ask, Hustler uses a twist throttle type of control - theres no way to push down on the handles to jump a curb - just asking
  10. mowerconsultant

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    You can back over the curb or you can drive on it going forward and push down on the H-Bar.

    Are you saying that the Hustler does not have a quality cut ? or its not service friendly or parts availability is not good ?
    I am confused ?
    The Hustler is everything the Toro is and (or) more.......
    Is this something you have experienced first hand, Hustler VS Toro ? do you personaly own and use both ??
    Just wondering


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