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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by SoonerBounce13, Mar 16, 2009.

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    I have a tru-cut mower and i was trying to scalp the grass this weekend. However I couldn't get nearly as low as I wanted due to grass getting jamming the reel and creating bad spots in my yard. it mostly does it in the same spots in the yard and it is very frustrating to have spent over $1000 on a mower that can't cut as low as it should. I have it set on maybe 3/4" to 1". I just had the reel backlapped also. I am thinking maybe I should get it dethatched. HELP!
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    Where are you located at.

    Around here a reel mower doesn't work too well this time of year.
  3. SoonerBounce13

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    im in oklahoma and have a hybrid bermuda
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    I may be wrong but Bermuda is very tough physically when it's dormant like Bermuda is right now. Tough meaning like a tough steak. It may be that with how dry everything is and the grass you're trying to cut being dormant it may just be too much for your mower.

    How much grass are you removing per pass? If you're cutting too much that could explain why the grass is getting jammed up. You may need to raise the mower an inch and just cut a little at a time.

    I do not know enough have reel mowers to tell you for sure on this stuff though.
    I'm in Wichita and there are a lot of bermuda lawns around here that get scalped but they're always scalped with rotary mowers.

    You may very well need it dethatched. Most companies that dethatch will scalp before they dethatch anyway to cut down on how much work the dethatching machine has to do. It may pay to pay another company to come and do this for you this early in the season so you do not ruin your expensive machine!

    good luck.

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