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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by andersontl2, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. andersontl2

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    I need some help on an issue, hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. I took a chain saw in for repair about 4 weeks ago, the pull cord broke, and it was needing a minor tune-up etc. My question is, it has been over a month since I took it in and the guy is not done yet...Gave him $100 up front to cover parts etc...This is a new small shop owner guy that I have never used before. Called after two weeks from not hearing from him and he said he has not had time to look at it. Called after another week, had looked at it but not gotten the parts for it yet. Called last week and did not get an answer. Drove by his house and he was not home. So now I am getting a little upset, not my only saw, but sure would like to get it back pretty soon. So what would you say/do in order to speed this duffis up? Looking forward to hearing the feedback.
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    I think he is blowing smoke. A pull cord should be in stock. It shouldn't be no way near a hundred. I would get my saw and money back and take it elsewhere if you don't want to do it yourself. Hopefully he hasn't lost your saw.
  3. rwaters

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    if he is working out of his garage he might not have the parts, and instead of going to a real business and buying his parts at the same price you would pay for them he is trying to buy from a company like stens and saving a few cents while you wait. And YES a real shop would have the pull start rope, but it is possible to be out of a carb kit I have done it myself when I was not watching them like I should have.
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    Buy a small engine repair book and keep it in house as much as passable. We do all our own maintenance , and small repair work at the shop, the big stuff we send to the dealer we bought it from. All commercial work goes to the front of the line. Most times there is a 1 to 2 day wait.
  5. David C.

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    Learn to do the work yourself----teach yourself by hands on---and it won't be long before you can replace the starter rope blindfolded w/one hand tied behind your back!!! Same way with the carb work----work hands on yourself and by and by it'll be a "cinch!!"
  6. andersontl2

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    Thanks for the advise, and I usally try to do the work myself but I have been super busy and have not had the time, so I thought I would find a small shop to work on it and see how they do.
    I tried calling again last night, no answer, but did leave a (nice) but firm message that I needed to hear something about my saw by the weekend or I would be coming over to pick it up Saturday afternoon...Will keep you posted!

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