Help w/Walker 25 hp Kohler - please

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by amanda8950, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. amanda8950

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    I have a 2001 Walker with a 25 hp Kohler ( I'm not the original owner but I don't believe this to be the original engine because the serial number tag on the body reads 20 hp engine ). It has 675 hours on it ( according to the hour meter ). My problem is this :

    It has intermitent starting problems. There is no rhyme or reason to when it won't start. You turn the key and it does not even try to turn over - so my thoughts are electrical.

    The dealer that I have taken it to the 4 times that it has done it in the last 2 months have :

    Replaced the ignition switch the first time
    Tightened the started cables the second time
    Replaced a switch relay the third time
    Replaced the starter cable ends the last time

    All 4 remedies worked - for a time and then out of the blue again - it will not start.

    Any thoughts on possible culprits that would have still gone undetected with the previous 4 bandaid approaches ?
    Where can I find a skematic of the wiring breakdown for the engine ( not in any of the manuals ) ?

    Any thoughts or directions to pursue would be appreciated. I hate to trade it in or sell it because I love the mower - when it runs - but the unpredictability is starting to cost me time and money.
  2. dwc

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    when it does this have you tried jumping the solenoid posts with a screwdriver or something? If it does not start by doing this then it would probably be a bad solenoid.
    I had a problem with mine cranking but not starting. Come to find out it was an intermittent ground caused by a bad relay.
  3. MikeLT1Z28

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    i have been having the exact same problem with my 24.5hp kubota lately... got the volt meter out and jumpered all the switches i could. wasn't getting any voltage to the switched side of the starter (had 12v on the main and a good ground). I checked everything on it and nothing. got back on it and turned the key and it started. went a few months and again, key on, shows voltage on the volt meter on board and the oil alarm is sounding (key on, engine off).

    turns out it's the PTO switch... if it does it again or is still doing it, raise and lower the PTO lever a few times and see what it does. i don't know if it was dirt or corrosion or a loose connection or if the switch is just on it's way out, but that was the problem.
  4. Two Seasons

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    Sounds like an intermittent ground issue to me.

    Or maybe the solenoid area has to be cleaned out. I've read in the Kohler manual somewhere that this service has to be performed as you will get debris buildup, at least that's what I remember reading.
  5. ATL Lawn

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    can you still PULL start it?
  6. tomo

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    hello, basically non start issues have been very well covered ,do a search .
    A starting issue with a kohler carby v twin is a little more common than it should be so there is plenty of advice from other peoples experiences .

    battery fully charged ? needs to be charged and load tested at 300 amps
    Walkers have had ignition switch problems in the past 99-2000 design change occured
    Walkers run the charge amperage thru the ignition switch and as a result this is what burns them out --often

    battery receiving 13.5 volts at 1500rpm and up
    With ignition switch in the start position is the solenoid wire receiving 9.5-- 10 volts
    Is battery voltage present at the main starter terminal when u have the ignition switch in the start position

    If the above is the case the starter requires attention probaly solenoid
    If u have the nippon type remove and replace with a delco type

  7. Galashiels

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    Check all the solenoid switches are OK. The PTO and Speed lever and seat switch. The on line manuals should have a wiring diagram. (the 26 efi Does)
    Try jumping the switches and operate the key, they could need to be open or closed. The MC seat switch was an open type but the MD is a closed.
    Its a process of elimination and checking with a volt meter.
  8. MikeLT1Z28

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    these mowers have no prevision for a recoil starter.
  9. tallimeca

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    first off, i wouldn't call them BANDAID fixes. Welcome to the world of owning a Walker. Electric issues are common, as is will most power equipment.

    The first thing you need to do is remove the small wire from the terminal on the solenoid of the starter. They usually are light blue in color. PUt a meter or test light on it and ground it, turn the key. If you get power, it's a starter/solenoid issue. If you don't, it could be a number of things.

    Keyswitches are common and yes there is an updated switch if it's a 2000 model. Check that the wireing harness near the blower output didn't come loose and rub on the cooling fan blades on the pumps. That is common.

    Circuit breakers setting off, relays rotting out, safety switches not working (walker has the worst safety switches IMO).

    Very seldom do you get a command that won't start and it's a starter issue. You might have issues with them not engaging on the flywheel or making a crunching noise.
  10. 24brookside

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    lawrence here,i have been working on walkers since 1990 and i work at a walker dealership in marietta ga. we dont sell or service anything but walkers..get your mower opened up and a test light and call me ...we will walk right through it..if you go jumping switches make sure your fsc lever is in neutral and your functioning p brake advised
    lawrence @ master mower shop 770 499 9400 cell 770 789 3461 anytime

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