Help!! Weird Darkening Spots on Zeon Zoysia

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by delshouse, Jul 22, 2014.

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    Myself, my landscaper (an NC State Agriculture Grad), and a few other lawn gurus can not figure out what is going on with what started out as some browning (almost like it wasnt getting enough water) and turned into strips of darkening grass (almost black). We have had good weather in NC and i've been watering about every 3rd day for 15mins a.m. and 15mins p.m. during the really hot days. I've attached pictures. Whatever suggestions you can offer would be great!!!


    Darkening Grass Spots.JPG

    Darkening Grass Spots2.JPG
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    Neighbor's dog peeing on your lawn?

    I'm near Charlotte, NC. I have Zenith Zoysia and only water when the grass is starting to look stressed. This year, that has only been twice. Nature has taken car of it the remainder of the time. Previously, I was watering a 2400 sq ft section once a week for 25 minutes and it was doing no different than watering when needed.

    It almost looks to me like standing water along the edges causing it to rot and die.
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    Did you ever figure out the cause of the black spots? I put down Zeon two month ago and I noticed similar black spots in a couple places. I chalked it up to those areas of the grass drying out too much when the sod was new and most have seemed to recover. Just wondering if you had a similar recovery.
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    This is the only pictures I've found anywhere that represents my lawn perfectly.I am not positive which Zoysia this is. This is the very fine blade. There is also a wider blade overseeded in some other areas. It is in the center of the lawn, and much larger. It is not a strip. very slight slope, but there is a very slight crown in that area. The grass on either side is healthy. The lower area is thicker, greener, healthier. Did you come up with a conclusion? I need help before trying anything in mid-summer. I am a pastor but I watch over quite a few lawns for fertilizer fungus etc. I am 45 minutes to the closest lawn care store.
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    Call supersod or look at walter reeves and ask there.
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    I have a similar problem . the color of the grass looks the same. Mine is more wide spread. I'm not sure which Zoysia, but is is very fine blade. The picture on this page are the only ones that resemble my lawn. I am 45 minutes to the nearest professional lawn care store where I purchase chemicals. Any help would be appreciated.

    ZOYSIA GRASS PROBLEMS 08.19  20190812_073804 (002).jpg

    ZOYSIA GRASS PROBLEMS 08. 2019  20190812_073706 (002).jpg
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    @Bruce Brown maybe a good idea to edit your street name and numbers out of your location bud.
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