HELP! What happened to my mower?! I'm BAFFLED!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Tyler7692, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Tyler7692

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    I was running a 18HP B&S Intek Vtwin on a 52" Bobcat ZTR and it randomly felt "different" for about 5 seconds. It was barely noticeable, but it felt like it was depowered or something. Then the blades shut off and the engine kept running. Then about 3 seconds after the blades shut off, the engine shut down.

    I tried restarting, but nothing gave starter wouldn't even spin. Discovered I had blown a 20 amp fuse so I replaced it. Then, the starter kept clicking trying to start the engine (Sounded like there was no battery power or starter took a crap). After removing the top cover to the engine, I discovered it was actually the engine that had locked up and the starter couldn't spin it. I about pissed because this mower only has 300 hours on it. Long story short, I got a 1 1/4 socket and breaker bar and was able to break the motor free. I immediately changed the oil and filter on the spot and the engine now runs like nothing ever happened. Runs great, however, the PTO still will not engage. There are no more blown fuses, and I kept swapping out the 3 relays it has on the mower to see if one of them was bad. When you are on the mower and you turn the blades on nothing happens. When you are NOT on the mower, but have it running with parking brake on, and try to start the PTO, the mower shuts down (As it should b/c of the seat sensor). So I know the seat sensor and switch work properly. I took a voltometer and hooked it up to the clip that goes on the electric PTO clutch and it shows no voltage coming through.

    All the wires are wrapped up in insulation and I don't know jack about all that complicated wiring anyway, but what could be wrong? Everything looks fine.

    I am completely baffled as to what the hell even happened. There must be some correlation between the temporary loss of power/blown fuse/PTO not working/and engine somehow locking up.

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    My guess without actually being able to examine it myself is that the clutch is bad. The other things are a result of it siezing up. The motor wasn't frozen, just the clutch. When you turned over the motor you broke it free from the malfunctioning clutch. Just a guess.

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    I agree, the clutch is bad. Try to jerk the mower back and forth see if the clutch engages.
    good luck
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    I agree, it sounds like the clutch is bad.
    Unplug the clutch and then start the engine. Turn on the PTO and see what happens. If the engine keeps on running just fine then the problem is not in the engine or wiring. I would look at the clutch. It sounds like a bearing in the clutch froze up and stopped the engine.
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    Try to get your nose real close to that clutch and take a whiff (Do this with the motor OFF, or you'll earn a new nickname). Do you smell the brown smoke of clutch failure? As opposed to the blue smoke of electrical failure, I suppose, anyway, while your nose is that close, use your eyes and look for chunks of clutch thrown out, or little bits of ground up metal coming from the main bearing at the bottom of the clutch(assuming its on a vert. shaft motor). I think its the most likely culprit. Most of these are only moderately aggrivating to replace, last one I did was on a Gravely took about an hour and a half, part cost about $ 250, but that was a couple of years ago.:waving: :waving:
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    I agree with what the other guys are saying...

    But I also notice you are not getting voltage to the clutch.

    The PTO switch could be bad also.
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    Go to the link and select Textron from the menu in the upper left.
    You should be able to find a schematic.
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    Looks like a great to give us a usable dealer ID and Password so we can make use of it?:confused:

    Eric D
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