Help! What is this tree disease?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Ric3077, Sep 9, 2009.

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    You didn't provide us enough info or clues...:confused:
    What kind of tree is that leaf from, a persimmon, maybe?? :confused:

    That specking effect on the leaf looks to me like the 'after-effects' of spider mite damage, not disease.
    Put a decent quality magnifying lens up to a slightly greener version of one of these leaves. (It's easier to see mites on a somewhat-green leaf.) But take the leaf from the same general area of the tree, of course.
    I got a strong feeling that if you look REALLY carefully, you'll have a chance to see them.

    Depending upon your climate, it may be too late to worry about mite control for this season, at least.
    More often than not, mite damage rears its ugly head after-the-fact when most of the damage has already been done.
    This is the precise reason why preventive sprays are so essential in their control.
  3. Ric3077

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    The thing I think is the disease is the brown "clumps" by the penny the leaves are there for tree ID...I have not seen the tree, an employee of mine grabbed the sample from a customer...that's all. Didn't see any mites, I suspect the leaf damage may be Jap Beetles, but not sure what on earth the lil clumps are...
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    Japanese beetle damage almost always resembles a skeletonizing effect.
    They gobble up the green tissue of the leaf, only leaving the veins as a sign that they were there.

    That "clump" could actually be a distorted & undeveloped fruit of some kind.
    And again, until we know exactly what species of tree your customer has, frankly, we're probably be throwing darts in the dark 'till mornin'!! :waving:
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    Is that really a 1941 penny? That's a keeper!

    Now, on the leaf spot...that looks very much like a crabapple leaf, is it? I am putting my money on apple scab.
  6. Ric3077

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    1981 penny, but you were close! I think it is a crab apple leave, again I haven't seen the tree, but apple scab sounds right...thanks!

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