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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by POPO4995, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. POPO4995

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    They are liking the sod idea best so they have an instant lawn. Probably the route we will be going, taking all the old dead grass off, sod cutting,maybe a little new dirt, and sod.
  2. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    If done right you wont get bare spots from straw.
    How did you apply the straw? .
    What do you use to cover your seed beds now? Since you don't use straw.
  3. Smallaxe

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    I do use straw on hillsides otherwise, just working the seed in to the top 1/4" of soil and SOAKING it in, does the trick...
  4. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    No cover will slow your germination down.((( You know that, right)))
    Straw will protect the seed if you have down pour Straw will keep the soil from sealing up from the down pour. (((You know that, right)))

    You have straw blower or you shake it out by hand???

    I like to see some of your work , you have any step by step photos
  5. Smallaxe

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    Downpours also bunch up the straw and suffocate the ground to create barespots,,, so there is no perfect solution... as long as the downpour doesn't force it down hill in erosion, the straw doesn't do any better than no straw...
    The warm soil w/out the straw actually does better with germination as long as it is warm when doing it...

    Regardless,,, I don't anticipate doing any more renovations from bare soil anymore,,, as I'm slowly backing out of the business,,, doing only the things which I enjoy... but if someone asks a favor to do their lawn I will likely comply and post some pictures for you...

    The best 'cover' for KBG/rye/fescue mix is compost and 10% A. Ryegrass... I might also be able to show picture of pasture plantings of brome grass done on bare soil using oats as a cover crop,,, if we ever do that again... I grew up analysing what works and what is unnecessary in raising farm crops of all sorts,,, and that is why I say all the time... Grass is the simplest thing in the world to grow... :)
  6. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Yes its the simplest thing to grow mothernature does that but the hard part is steps leading up to that .

    Ok if you say so, Sound like you, Don't know what you are doing. You can tell it but come down to the job cant do it. Since you are backing away from Lawn seeding. Or you don't have right equipment to do the job

    This a Not a

    Its not the same, I have a farm and I can tell you its not the same.
    Farm seeding is easy with no skill.
    Lawn seeding takes skill to get to get thick lush lawns.
    You wont get that the way you are doing it.
    I like guys like you. They give me extra work when they do a lawn and cut corners like not putting a cover down for seed. I come in fix it right, Good for me bad for customer (((Cheap way isn't always the right way)))
  7. Kiril

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    The best cover for seed is the soil itself ..... next best would be compost.
  8. Smallaxe

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    I found some open ground in the area that I doing cleanup today... I can get you some before with the grass lieing on top of the barren soil, from last year, just before the snow fall... We are supposed to have some hardfreezes over the next 3 nites,, so hopefully I'll have some pix of the pimply ground and when the soil completely thaws,,, and the warm rains begin,,, we should have germination...

    BTW,,, "SKILL" is an aquired ability, related to a physical activity such as shooting a hoop or finessing the blower to not disturb the dormant seeding, while cleaning the turf of a winter's supply of debris... I think what you really meant to address was the concept of "UNDERSTANDING",,, because that is what makes the grass seed so easy to grow... :)
  9. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    LOL whatever:laugh:

    Sucks here to we getting snow today calling for more tonite
    Lows in the high 20s tonite

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