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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by AmyL, Oct 2, 2013.

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    I have some questions and I HOPE someone can help me with it/give suggestions. I have to mention that I live across of Detroit in Canada. I figured this might be important as to what plants may survive and such. I looked my city up - I'm at a Hardiness Zone 6b (-5°F to 0°F)

    So recently I saved some money and decided to hire a landscaper. I bought some shrubs (next year I'll find out if my selection is passable in spring) and our landscaper redesigned our lot... I love how he did it.

    I needed a landscaper primarily because:

    1- Apparently when the driveway was build, a LOT of stones (yes stones and even medium/large rocks) were in our soil (some all the way 4 feet deep)... and maybe because I'm a woman or maybe I lack the right tools - but I could never dig through all that for the life of me... so the landscaper took care of it

    2- In front of our house = forests. We have laid beds/seeded/etc grass 4 times and flooded it with water (yep had t professionally done)... we ALWAYS end up with more weeds... persistent things won't die - hence we settled for stones in our garden

    3- I'm not good with plants - what grows where, what needs what and I just lack that designer vision I think.

    4- Needed someone to replace the soil/bring more in

    So pictures 1 through 6 show my lawn - a little oddly shaped - assuming the mid gap was there to provide parking for another car.

    The other side of our lawn was left untouched and I want do something about it since fall is a good time to plant (see pictures 7 and 8). Basically, it's a long strip between my neighbor and me - about a little over 5.5 feet in width and 4 SUVs in length (didn't measure length just estimated it).

    So my questionS are

    1- On that small strip of land (see images), what plants would you suggest? Any specific designs some to mind. Remember it's 5.5 feet wide. So trees/shurbs need to be smaller in diameter... unless I can talk our neighbor into it... he loves trees. Again I'm at Hardiness Zone 6b (-5°F to 0°F)

    My plan so far: Destroying the entire strip of land, getting some top soil, laying down a weed barrier fabric and possibly using stones to crush those weeds for years to come?

    2- Any suggestions or possibly lightening designs?

    3- Should I use a fertilizer for the new plants?

    4- Any other suggestions. I'm thinking of getting a large size boulder and setting it at the front of my garden (where there is space on the stones next to that hideous pole - see image 1)... maybe even placing my home's address number on it

    Thanks... and sorry for the lengthy e-mail








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    Unless you/scaper come up with a great plant to grow in that strip between houses,,, just leave it be or perhaps fill it with more stone similar to your rock gardens... soil is NOT your major issue between houses and I wouldn't throw the money away on soil or soil work...
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    Thanks for your response! I kinda was not thinking of one plant... more like a couple of shurbs.... possible dunno larger ones that take up some space... example a Global Cedar... maybe some pines/junipers. Sorry I feel so stupid because I just don't know enough about gardening/classes/growth etc. Remember the strip of land is relatively LONG... we're talking about 4 SUVs in length... so that's a lot of plants. BTW the length I'm referring to is actually fron the beginner of the driveway until the end (so in FRONT of the house). It does not incorperate the strip of land actually between the houses (structure).
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    That's a big difference... you are talking about the current border of the front rock garden then... should post a picture with your intended area, in the center of the picture to get a view of as much surrounding area as possible... :)
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    I'm so sorry I feel stupid for not explaining it well. Currently at work so I can't take additional pictures - but you see the last two pictures in the initial post. That is the thin + long strip of land in front of our house that I'm talking about (again it's in front of the house between us and neighbors).
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    OK, now I understand the lay of the land a little better... you have a full sun region that is shared with the neighbor... I'm assuming that the strip next to your driveway is 5.5 ft. wide as was mentioned... the plant that you have there now should eventually grow into that space but I would 'center' them more away from the driveway... they are way too close IMO...
    To dress up the area for now I would either kill the grass and mulch along the property line,,, or continue with the grass and overseed...

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