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    I have recently bought a new 52 inch 24 horse hustler mini z, problem is , it only
    cuts sodded yards nice, with all the rain ,i'm talking every day for 3 weeks, literally .., the grasses that are not perfect like say with some crabgrass, or sedge , it clumps horribly , I have tried waiting til noon to cut the yards because of all the morning dew , but then the afternoon storms hit. This mower only will cut bone dry grass , otherwise it clumps , even if ran over 2 or three times , will high lifts resolve this ? And yes i run the blades at full throttle, I don't want to take my exmark off the trailer to finish the jobs, funny thing is, it has standard high lift blades , that have been sharpened at least five times , and it has to be REALLY wet to clump like this.Please , any help is appreciated , i love this mower otherwise , but right now is has done nothing but put me behind. thanks, :help:
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    E-mail me your information along with your dealer's and your mower's model and serial #, our customer service guys will get with your dealer and make sure your taken care of.


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