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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ALLFERRIS, Feb 20, 2004.


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    Im in the Air National Guard and there is always a potential I may get deployed. Is it out of line or unprofessional to ask another company in town to temporarily take over while im out of town? I have a guy that mows for me part time, but he can't do it all while I'm gone. I know I run the risk of losing some customers, but if im doing good work, they should come back when I come back. Just looking for some ideas.
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    Hay, wish I lived near you I would love to help you out I'm a veterian myself. I bet if you ask around someone in your area would be willing to help you out if needed. We all love our country. If we weren't in America we couldn't be doing what we love do for a living. Good luck.
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    Koehn I have an idea, check with your local fire department and see if any of them do lawn care. Most full-time firefighters have 2nd jobs of some sort. I know at my department there are about 8-10 guys who do it. Also there are a high percent of FF that were Prior military. I am sure you could work out a deal with them. Let me know if the idea works?
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    Not if, but WHEN you get activated, I would have a letter already prepared for your customers so it's just a matter of printing and mailing it out that would explain they'll be seeing a new face and why. Service to your country goes a LONG WAY with some people.

    I saw this on a bumper sticker and thought it was pretty cool, and it got the message across: Land of the free BECAUSE of the brave!


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    John, thanks for the reply. I do already have a letter ready. I also tell my customers up front. Im sure that may cause to lose some, but like you said, its amazing how many people understand that and respect it. I've already contacted another service (owned by a retired military guy) and he should be able to take care of it. Thanks
  6. levellawncare

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    Glad to hear someone is willing to help you out. Would have loved to help you out myself if I could. I used to be stationed at Scott AFB.

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