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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DND Outdoor, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. DND Outdoor

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    I would like to hear from you all that have used a stihl weed whip that has detachable heads for triming, edging ect. I was thinking about getting another trimmer but also want an edger. I seem to always need a good edger but don't use enough to justify the cost. I would like to try the combo tool because then I would have an extra trimmer and also an edger when I needed and together they won't take up as much space as a full size edger.
    interested in any good or bad experiences. Is it a good idea on paper but not feasible in the field or do they really work as good as a standard trimmer....thnks D
  2. Trevors Lawn Care

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    i have works great, nothing wrong with power or anything...Just a pain in the butt to continuously change the attachment. I bought a WB edger, and no longer use the stick attatchment. havnt used it in like 3 months

  3. precisionlawninc

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    I bought a Stihl FS85T in the spring of 2003 and I love it. I have 3 other attachments; edger, extended hedge trimmer, and heavy brush cutter. They have all come in very handy. The unit has proven to be very durable for me. One semi-negative thing I can say is that the edger is not as effective as a full fledge gas edger. If there is heavy overgrowth on a sidewalk it does bog down a little bit. Also the head on the hedge trimmers only rotates 90 degrees. It would be so much more effective if it rotates 180 degrees.

    There is an article in the August edition of Turf magazine whereby an LCO demo'd the Stihl 4-Mix trimmer. They claimed that it "allowed for no medium or slow speed while trimming.......that with no variable speed on this, my guys ended up stripping the bark on trees."

    I recommend buying the 2-stroke Stihl split shaft but staying away from the new Stihl 4-Mix trimmer.
  4. littlenic

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    I have 3 KM110 power heads, 1 stick edger attachment, 3 trimmer heads, Adj. Hedge Trimmer Attachment and tiller attachment and love each one.

    The only problem I've had was a couple of coils go out but fixed under warranty. Great power.

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