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help with 100acre estimate

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by michael bucher, Feb 25, 2000.

  1. southside

    southside LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 790

    You will need to get a tractor 60-90hp<br>with a minimum 12foot rear deck to do the <br>job cost effectively.You wouldn't mow an<br>acre lot with a 21&quot; push mower so why do<br>the same thing with your 60&quot;mowers.
  2. michael bucher

    michael bucher LawnSite Member
    Messages: 37

    The property actually is'nt owned by the airport. It's owned by a private corporation. The airport has the city mow their part. Our thought was to use some of our part-time students to work a day or two on the cutting. If we charged $1,500 to $2,000, with our labor at $7.oo per hr., we could still walk away with a nice profit. From what you guys are telling me about my idea of using 60&quot; dixies is concerning to me. Up to this point our co. has been using all wb mowers for our crews. We were planning this month to buy a couple choppers. Is it not realistic thinking that choppers can cut 10-13mph./4to5acres per hr. as they claim??
  3. Eric ELM

    Eric ELM Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
    Messages: 4,830

    It will depend on how smooth that 100 acres is as to how fast you can mow it and how much it grows in 2 weeks. If it has been cut with bigger equipment while wet, you will find ruts so deep, you will tear up equipment. I would have to walk the whole 100 acres before I could give you an answer to how fast you can mow it. If it is as rough as I am thinking, you will have spots that 1 MPH will be to fast.<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://www.townserver.com/elm/&quot;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>
  4. Lazer

    Lazer LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,446

    butcher,<br>Did you even read Steveair's post?<p>
  5. Nilsson Associates

    Nilsson Associates LawnSite Member
    Messages: 243

    You'll need something heavy duty for that specific job, the kind of equipment specialized for it that may not be suitable for your other work. If that job ends, where are you with a &quot;dedicated machine&quot;?<br>Plus ... you'll need a long term contract to absorb whatever equipment costs you have. Big project ... maybe you should pass it up<br>... or do it with a tractor that can be used on landscaping projects where you're only stuck with the tow behind mower which you sell later on. Doing it with small riders seems out of the question, ground speeds too low, deck width too narrow ... and if you miss a cycle or can't mow because of rain, you're going to be fouled up.<p>Nilsson Associates
  6. GrassMaster

    GrassMaster Senior Member
    Messages: 447

    Hello Everybody:<p>LOL, yes this is true too. I'm at a loss for words, believe it or not.<p>From everything I have read on the above post & they all had good points. This is what is great about this forum.<p>If I didn't have the big equipment & it would be hard to justify on this one job. Unless you are going to try to find more like it, or have some more lined up.<p>This is what I would do, pull off my $100 sweat soaked Stetson straw hat, then pull off my $100 raybans & then wring out my $2 sweat band. Then look them dead in the eyes & say &quot;Thank you so much for giving me the oppertunity to bid on this job but I don't have the equipment at this time to do this kind of work. Thank you for your time & please keep me in mind again for any & all other jobs that you have in the future, have a nice day&quot;.<p><br>----------<br>GrassMaster - Home: www.lawnservicing.com<br>My Start Up Page www.lawnservicing.com/startup/<br>
  7. cantoo

    cantoo LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,910

    michael, nothing is impossibe but you have to be realistic. Look into what the last cutter used on the job and see what is available to rent in your area. I go to lots of auction sales and last year there was a huge Jacobsen bat wing mower that a local company had bought them lost the contract after one year. They were planning alot of work with the mower but the payments were killers. The this is still a doable job if you plan it right, go to all you local used farm equipment dealers and sooner or later you will find one that has a used big mower sitting around, rent it for one year with the option to buy it. My local dealer even has a zamboni that he got cheap somewhere. I think the best way for this job is to rent equipment before you go all out. I would love a job in my area like this, we have a 11' orchard mower with a 3' kicker on the side and 50 hp Kubota that would work excellent. I used to cut almost 40 acres with it every two weeks. And mulch 4&quot; limbs.
  8. michael bucher

    michael bucher LawnSite Member
    Messages: 37

    You guys are giving me some very good ideas. I really appreciate it. I do like your idea cantoo, about going to a farm equipment dealer and possibly renting the equipment. I had not thought of that, but it's an excellent idea. The bottom line from what the majority of you are saying is, we've got to have bigger eqpt. It's not what I wanted to hear, but it's reality.
  9. steveair

    steveair LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,073

    Hello again....just wanted to add something else interesting to this conversaiton. Currently this year we are experimenting with growth regulators at out airport. We are using a product called stronghold manufactured by PBI Gordon (they have a web page if your interested) this product supposely can cut your mow time in half. Now speaking for myself, i dont know yet. We applied a sample application last year but applied it a little too late to really see any benefits. I am really looking forward to trying it again this spring. Its seems like a great product if it works. Supposely you can delay your first mow for up to 9 weeks and then reduce your overall cuts time in half with only two applications a year. The product is a bit pricy, but not outrageous, and if you have a license and equip, the cost should not be to much to spray. We have a outside contractor doing our application and are just spraying around our lights at the momment. Just figured I 'd throw this in to give you something else to think about.
  10. HOMER

    HOMER LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,183

    I don't know if I like the sound of that at all!!!!! What if everybody finds out about it? Can you spell............toast?<p>Homer

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