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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by geybjtlet, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. geybjtlet

    geybjtlet LawnSite Member
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    It seems to be not pumping enough fuel. I have regapped coils to flywheel, taken the carb apart and did not see anything new fuel filter, pump, lines, cleaned tanks. I have adjusted valves and checked pressure to the pump for the crankcase which is roughly 5 psi. I have also checked a good running kohler with the same setup and it checks the same. It will run fine for a few minutes and then bog down. You have to choke it to get it to run. I am able to mow with the choke on but does not have enough power. The solenoid on the carb is working and in the manual. Any help will be appreciated.
  2. NTAnnin

    NTAnnin LawnSite Member
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    Same problem with the same engine. I actually replaced the carb and carb gaskets to no avail. Changed spark plugs, fuel pump, checked fly wheel and more. took into my dealer and they were unable to figure it out, and kept thinking they had fixed it because it will run perfectly for a while, then start to stall out and then go back to running well. Makes it very difficult to figure out what repairs are doing any good. What tests should I do on this engine and where should I look next? Thanks in advance!
  3. Nosmo

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    To NTAnnin: Try a new fuel filter. My 23HP Kawasaki was loosing power , dying and then would run OK for a couple minutes and start this situation all over again. Changed the filter and everything is OK.

  4. David Thompson

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    Sounds to me like you have water contaminated fuel. It dont take much to really make it run bad.
  5. geybjtlet

    geybjtlet LawnSite Member
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    I cleaned carb again and resealed intake gaskets to head and have had 4 continuous hours of mowing. I found some dirt in the pilot screw hole and blew it out with air. Had been running great for now. Also the pilot screw on one side was screwed in too much. You might try intake gaskets and let me know. Thanks for the feedback guys.
  6. sildoc

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    I second the bad fuel. It is sucking water. The new epa standards require alcohol to be placed in the fuel and alcohol attracts moisture. Moisture out of the air is drawn into your fuel and makes smaller engines run like garbage.
  7. quinn

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    last time i had one that would only run with the choke on, it was an exhaust valve cleareance, that was the last thing I checked because the engine only had 5 hours on it. acted just like it was trash in the carb.
  8. mowermankevin

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    What have Y'all found out? These engines are a MAJOR pain. Great for people like me, (lots of service repair hours), but I work for solutions and to keep my folks running as cheap as possible, these prices for what we get to mow, don't work for me or my buds, please let us know what Y'all come up with. Thank You. C'ya

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