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    I Need Some Help With Anyone With Problems With 24 Hp Honda Motors

    In The Last 18 Months I Have Thrown Rods In 3 Motors, Honda Claims It Is Lack Of Oil. I Know This To Be Untrue, We Service At 50-60 Hours Religiously. New Oil And Filter.
    The Only Recurring Theam Is That All 3 Times We Were Mowing( Long 150'-1/4 Mile 20-25 Degree Slopes.

    We Do The Same With 23 Hp Kawasaki Motores And No Problem.

    Has Anyone Else Experianced Simular Problems. My Lawyer Is Frothing At The Mouth To Proceed But Common Sense Tells Me It's A No Win Deal. Please Help If You Can.

    Thanks, L.
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    lack of oil, due to slope...overfill to the point it doesn;t smoke and you should do alright
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    Apparently the slopes are steep enough that it is starving that particular model of engine of oil. Common sense would tell me not to put the same engine back on the mower unless it was under warranty? I also think you would win in court fairly easy UNLESS the manual for the engine states not to go on slopes beyond a certain degree. Even then I think you would still win because honda is not going to go through the expence and trouble to have somebody go to your job site and survey the hills to use as evidence in court. Those small engines cost them how much to build? Probably around $500 would be my guess. That means its not worth hondas time and effort to go to court over the matter and they will just settle out of court.

    Honda makes mighty fine engines so this comes a surprise to me. I have no experiance with Honda engines on mowers though so I cant comment on that really. Good luck in what ever you decide to do.
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    What came of your situation with Honda? I have had 2 motors go bad on me exactly the same way. Call me
    Steve Graber 812 486-8267

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