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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Ned5485, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Ned5485

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    This is my first full season in this business. I have been mostly mowing, with some occasional landscape maintenance. Today one of the companies I do some work for asked me how much it will cost them to have me remove 4 bushes. I am not sure how hard it will be for me to get the root balls out of the ground. I am thinking i might be able to use my truck, or a winch to just yank them out? Any suggestions on the best/easiest way to get them out would be great. The owner just wants them gone for now. She said "we will probably put some new landscaping in later, when it cools down."

    So other than advice on how to get them out; I am also wondering how long it will/should take me. And what would you guys would charge?

    Thanks, Ned

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  2. AJ Lawnscapes

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    Think you should talk them into just trimming them. The look nice.

    If you're going to rip them out, you need to replace it with something presentable immediately, since its a business.

    Ripping them out....hmm......Time to drive, time to do the job, wear and tear, disposal fee, your profit, insurance, taxes, workers comp(what a socialist thing).....$20000-$30000 should be fair. ;)
  3. KeepOnCuttin

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    We did a removal of some shrubs a little while ago....hooked up a chain to each rooted section and pulled them right out with the skidsteer. I imagine you don't have access to that, but it's the easiest way :clapping: Definately price that job accordingly if you are going to dig them out.
  4. Duck Dodger

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    Thats not that much trouble. No need to get red with the truck. Just take some loppers cut them back to just a nub. Just take a shovel and dig the root balls out. Put a little soil back in the holes sacrifice some seed by spreading it on the ground a little srtaw and your done. Don't know what kind of money you need to make but we would charge around $200 for that.
  5. EagleLandscape

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    yah 200 would make me happy.
  6. mattfromNY

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    Im with Duck (a couple hundred dollars), provided you have a means to get rid of the shrubs, and can haul them in one load. They are going to take up a lot of room in the back of a p/u truck. You will probably have more trouble getting rid of all the groundcover, than getting rid of the bushes. I would just cut the bushes off low to the ground, then dig about 6 inches down around each one and cut it off below the surface, recover and throw some seed on it.
  7. Ned5485

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    from Indiana
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    thanks guys. The owner needed a cost idea yesterday and I told her $250. I have not heard back yet, but I screwed my self on the last 2 bids. Didnt want to under bid this one. BTW, while I am at it what is a fair hourly rate for pressure washing? I have 2 driveways that the owners want sealed. The bigger one is about 1500 sq ft. I am guessing it will take me 2-3 hours, but i really dont have much to base that on. I do know that it has been several years since its last cleaning. So it has got to be pretty dirty. 3 hours to long? Not long enough?

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