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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AielLandscaping, May 24, 2002.

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    wondering if you guys would be interested in putting together a calendar that all of us could use. my idea is to get a nice collection of photos that represent what type of service might be done that month... and then we'd want to show dates on the calendar of what times of year are best for each service... might need to come up with a northern lawn calendar and a southern lawn calendar because of the vast differences... i figure this would be a good way to upsale extras... any thoughts?
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    I like the sound of this. Could this be an item to give out to your customers with your name, number, logo etc. at the bottom (see attachment ... i hope)? Maybe we could contribute info & pics collectively that would allow each business to customize their calander, take it to the local print shop & make up x number for distribution. If you plow or spray or fert this could be added or deleted as you wish. You various industry orgs. that you belong to could be included for more presentation impact.

    Great idea,


  3. AielLandscaping

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    yea, basically i want to try getting a collection of pics and info regarding when different applications should be done and let everyone use the info to produce a customized calendar to distribute to their customers. i got the idea from some relatives of mine who gave each family member a calendar with photos they'd taken and had it personalized with all the families birthdays and anniversaires (sp) .. i figure we can do the same for the lawn industry...

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