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Help with a commercial bank bid


LawnSite Senior Member
Central City, KY
I have been asked to prepare a bid for a local bank that has 4 locations. 2 of the locations are approximately 25 miles away (within 3 miles of each other). The other 2 are local.

The sq. ft. of each lawn is 12,500, 4848, 2455, and the other was really chopped up so I estimated around 60-75 min. to do.

I came up with prices of:
12,500 - $60
4848 - $45
2455 - $35 (minimum)
last one - $60

For a total of $200/week.

This is the first time I have really done much commercial work. Does this sound in line with what it should be? Do I need a commercial bid sheet?
Doing banks is alot more than just mowing the lawn. you have to think about the the time to pick up trash, shrubs, leaf removal (if any) working around alot of parking lot traffic ect. I know- we took care of the entire footprint of a prominent bank before we moved to residential. On average our prices we alot higher!