Help with a Kohler Commando 15 hp rider!

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by upesleja, May 8, 2011.

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    I purchased a Kohler Commando 15 hp, craftsman riding lawn mower over a year ago. It worked great for 90% of the summer, but in the end, we started having problems with it. At first, If you had been riding it for any length of time (10 min to 5 hours) and then shut it off, you would have to wait like 30 min before it would restart. You could attempt to crank it, but you would just drain the battery. My wife and I began to think it was an alternator problem, assuming that using the mower would drain the battery. Also, by the time I got the battery charger out, and hooked up, it would fire up with its assistance. So I figured I would wait till this year, and with so little left in the summer, let it be.

    Well this year, I went to the shed, hooked up the battery, fired it right up. Brought it around front, put it in the garage, and got it ready for spring. Today I attempted to cut some grass. Once again, it fired right up, no problems, and I began cutting grass. I was on it for maybe 10 min cutting grass when it just died on me! I tried to re-start it, and it would crank like it wanted to, but nothing. I figured fuel?

    I figured I had not changed the spark plug since last year, so I ran out to get one, came back installed it, she fired right up! Sweet, jumped back on it, got another 10 - 15 min. worth of grass cut, and then it just died. Not a bogging die, like it would do if I had too much grass in the deck. Not a puttering die, as if I was running out of gas, a straight out engine kill . . . your done!

    This time, I went to re-start it and it did nothing . . . turning the key acted as if the deck was engaged or the battery was missing. 30 seconds to a min. later IT would attempt to crank but still would not start. I assume it will fire up by the time I am done typing this into the forum, but to prevent a fire, or smoking the engine, Id like to get to the bottom of what might be going on . . . especially if it might be something stupid and easy!

    The fact that it kills while in use, Oil is full and good, gas is new and plenty, battery is charged and ready, and it takes aset amount of time before the machine will re-start, has me thinking it is over heating. Since I do not think they have radiators, the only thing I would think could prevent proper cooling would be a clogged or dirty air filter, which I will go open up now.

    Any other help / assistance?

    Thank you~
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    Your best bet would be to post in the repair forum, I will post the link at the bottom. This could be a number of things! Loose wires, maybe a Solenoid?? Again, you might have a better shot in the repair section. Good luck

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