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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by HDALLC, May 15, 2007.


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    I received a call from a potential customer who wants me to quote him on watering his brand new lawn ( in a new development it was just seeded) for a period of 17 days. The area to be watered is about 1 acre. I was going to quote him about $500.00 for the 17 days, The home owner will be away on vacation for those days, I was going to originally quote them at $800.00 but my wife's uncle who has his own landscaping co. said that was high and to quote it around $500.00, this is only my 2nd year in the business and the 1st time I have ever gotten asked for a quote on something like this, any help will be greatly appriciated

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  3. bohiaa

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    dont kno man........

    are you going to do this with a water hose ?

    how long will it take?

    is it out of your area?

    sounds pretty easy to me.....

    But also inform the customer that you will be taking care of his proptery while he's away.... like mail, newspapers, and keeping a general eye on the place....

    O yea what about spot? will you have to feed him ?

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    it will take about 2 hours per day. and he is located less than 1 minute from our shop, not taking care of anything like mail and paper etc. or any animals, and yes im using hoses and 3 sprinklers that cover 5800 sqft.
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    two hours a day for 17 days is a good chunk of time.

    34 hrs total and when im charging by the hour....

    800 might not be a too high in my area.
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    Get some timers and soaker hoes and all you do is drive by a couple times a day and reset the hoes location..

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    thanks for all the help guys

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