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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Pinehilllandscaping, Aug 19, 2005.

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    Alright here is my situation. I have approx 63,000 sq. ft of yard in Virginia that I want to seed and make look good. I moved into the house last year and last fall I brought in a big slit seeder that I pulled behind a tractor and seeded the lawn, then followed up with a broadcast spreader. This spring the lawn looked great, nice and green, hardly any weeds. Then we got hit with a pretty severe drought and everything went downhill. I tried watering the lawn but since I am on well water and we didnt get a drop of rain for over 5 weeks I kinda gave up on the watering. I want to try to reseed this fall and I am looking for some good advice.

    Info on my lawn, the soil is poor. It is a sandy soil and according to the soil test I had done, it requires 105/lbs of lime for every 1000/sq. ft. Then it recommends 50lbs of a 1-2-1 fertilzer every 1000/sq. ft. Second problem, as it sits now the yard is full of bermuda and what appears to be crabgrass and some other type of weed I can't identify. I have gotten some decent rain over the last few weeks and a little of the fescue bounced back.

    My plan of action is to apply a herbicide in the next week to kill off the weeds and hopefully the bermuda. Then I was going to aerate after about two weeks and apply the lime at 50/lbs per 1000/sq ft and all of the fert. Wait about a week and then rent a slit seeder and seed the lawn with TTTF. Does this sound like a good plan of action? Am I to late in the season to kill the weeds and reseed the lawn? Should I bother planting the Tall Fescue in my area, with a large amount in my lawn and in both of my neighbors lawns?Is this a realistic goal or am I fighting a losing battle? What should I use for a herbicide? Roundup or can your recommend something at Lesco I can use?

    I want the lawn to look good and have nice thick grass, but at the same time I am on a somewhat limited budget, so bringing in a skid steer and digging the whole yard up is out of the question. I figured the lime, fert, seed, and seeder will run me about $1,000 which is pushing it a little.

    Also to the yard is very rough and bumpy. Any ideas on how to correct that, I dont think the little pull behind rollers will do the trick, but I may be wrong.

    I would greatly appreciate any help the memebers at lawnsite could give me.
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    The yard is in full sun all day except for a 2' x 16' section in front of my shed that gets shade half the day. The grass there still looks great, just the rest of the yard is screwed.

    On the crabgrass and weeds, should I just wait until the crabgrass starts to go dormant this fall and just spot spray the other weeds? Or get some dimension or similiar product and try to kill off as much as I can now?

    Thanks again.
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    Your plan sounds good overall, but you seem to only be missing the parts on how to deal with your weeds.

    Yes you should attempt to remove the weeds, as they will compete with your new seed. Bermuda is very difficult to remove. The non-selective method is by using Roundup, but that will also kill any Fescue it touches. Fusilade has some selective control on Bermuda, which won't harm anything else. Either way, Bermuda is very difficult to completely kill. Even with Roundup, you will see some Bermuda come back next year. Repeat apps of Fusilade over time will help that.

    Crabgrass can be taken out now with MSMA (cheap) or Drive (not cheap). Drive is a once-and-done type product, while MSMA might take more than one application. Drive is also easier to use when seeding, as it does not interfere with that process. MSMA would need to be sprayed a couple of weeks (maybe longer) prior to seeding to be safe. Check the label for that interval.

    Do not apply Dimension or any other pre-emergent right now. Doing so will prevent your Fescue seed from germinating.
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    Thanks for the info

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