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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Organic a go go, Oct 2, 2008.

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    Im doing an introductory presentation on organic lawn care for garden club at a good sized park here in Chicago Saturday. Expecting a good sized crowd with a little blurb in the Trib and lots of local interest. Daley, for all his faults, really does encourage green issues in the city and local parks with gardening programs have lots of interest in organic lawn care. Lawns in the city are small small small. 1500 sq ft. maybe so its impossible for me to make money in the city, I have to hit the burbs.

    Anyway Im just expanding on my customer pitch essentially but getting into more specifics. Just wondering what pearls of wisdom some of you might impart to an audience if you had the chance. Im covering turf culture, weed/disease control, fert options, composting, tea, and sustainability beyond organics-turn your landscapes into waste eaters rather than waste producers ( my fav ). Like I say its first time out for me so if any of you have thoughts about what a varied audience of potential green lawners might need to hear drop me some wisdom.
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    ok this is my strong point, and it was not always easy for me to do. first you have to relax, like that 2nd beer, easy going mellow, talk slowly and clearly of course, don't use to many big words that may make people feel less than empowered. keep it simple and don't be afraid to say" I don't have the best answer for that now and can I get back to you with some more current facts" or "let me send you some info from a better source, that is not my area of expertise" that sort of thing, we are all just human, let ever one see that human side of you. details unless they are needed in that context can be left for later or after( email, phone call, letter, , , ) then and this only works for a lecture type setting like a speech or presentation, don't try and wing it, you will freeze up at one time or another, write it all down and practice saying it out loud, read it to your dog ar family, maybe even let a trusted friend read it first, that way you can be confident that if you forget or get stage fright that you have a back up plan. one time I got the willy's in front of a huge crowd, and had to excuse my self to the bathroom, 2 minutes of deep breathing and it was back in the game" you can do it you the man, or woman " in my case. do a question and answer if you are comfortable with that, some times I will just stop and ask " any questions before we move on" real polite and happy to serve.

    " I'm covering turf culture, weed/disease control, fert options, composting, tea, and sustainability beyond organics-turn your landscapes into waste eaters rather than waste producers ( my fav )." that alone is priceless, I love it, the last part especially" my fav." that's human, humble and people oriented. also sounds like you got a plan and have taken some time to prepare.

    good luck and go get em. I hope you do well!!!:waving:
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    I agree with tg, that the best part is introduce the idea that becoming 'waste eaters' as opposed to 'waste producers' is a good concept.

    We can either recycle organic waste that has had the toxins, pathogens and heavy metals removed, onto the landscape OR continue to pump chemically treated toilet water into Lake Michigan.

    How many people from Racine, WI to Gary, IN contibute to the decline of the Lake on a daily basis? Millions.

    Shytown city folk hate the corn farmers because the fields 30 miles away give asthma to their children. The dust and chemical trash constantly airborn in the windy city has nothing to do with it - It is the growing of CORN. Makes sense to me! :laugh:

    So selling them on cornmeal fertilizer may be tough.
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    Less inputs, more fun
    Kitchen composting
    are all worms created equal
    local composting, where, when and how
    Water quality, Leaves and things in the gutter, where do they end up
    Compost tea, is it your bag?
    Green roofs to save money on heating and cooling
    Rain barrels for watering the garden
    Look under your kitchen sink, you could get rid of most of it, OK keep the soap but use one with no phosphate

    good points by TG, keep it simple. Believe me as soon as you say, beneficial microorganisms, you have lost most of them. I have seen folks glaze over with that many many times. "Good guys in the soil" works though

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