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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Organic a go go, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. Organic a go go

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    Im strictly a maintenance co. and I don't deal with irrigation systems at all but I got a call today on a house with an issue I'd not seen before and thought I'd run it by you guys.

    Its a fairly new construction 1.5 years with an all KBG sod install by the builder. The owners had an irrigation system installed last season.

    They're getting a very slow green up this year, very slow except for the area immediately over the irrigation supply lines. If you stand in the yard you can clearly see the supply line grid running to about 90% of the heads.
    Is that typical?? My first thought was that the rest of the soil is compacted and the trenching for the supply lines loosened up the soil underneath but I just don't have enough experience with these systems to know.
  2. Mike Leary

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    It's typical on a low-end install. The trenching for irrigation created a nice line for the
    sod to "knit" & extend it's roots. The rest was packed down & no growth is occuring
    because there is no where to go! It will not get better. :cry:
  3. TheLawnWarrior

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    I agree with the previous. It is deffinatly a compaction issue. Expecially it being in a new construction area. Poor roots mean slow shoot growth. Might be a good time to sell some Aeration?
  4. Organic a go go

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    Thanks Mike. I've had a couple of new construction lawns in this neighborhood with crappy soil but none with sprinkler systems so I'd just never seen this before. 0.00001% of the lawn looks great so I guess I'll tend to the rest.
  5. Mike Leary

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    Yup, core aeration will help, a bit. Compost topdressing is a consideration.
    But, geez, once the soil is job-site compacted, it's going to take a while
    (if ever) to get oxygen back into the soil. Pic please?

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    This shows how important soil prep is. It will never be easier to prep the soil right before sod or landscaping is done. It will never be more difficult than trying to do it after the sod and landscaping is done. It's one of these no brainer decisions which doesn't get done that makes me think the entire landscape industry has fallen on its face.
  7. Mike Leary

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    Well said, Peter. Compaction is why most plantings & especially turf, fail.

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