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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Final Touch, Aug 16, 2009.

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    I have a customer that had 4000 sq ft of pavers installed in a commercial building for a driveway. It is about 3-4 years old and has 4 very large depressions. I have to pull the areas and redo the base and reinstall. My question is I have never done a large repair . Normally I just charge for install labor on a repair. This is about 1800 sq ft of repairs. What is normal b uisness practice for this?

    thank you
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    if its 1800, pull the whole thing and replace the base. If almost 1/2 the thing messed up in 4 years, the rest is right behind it. I would do a complete repair. I would price it at $50k+ to do it right, maybe $12k to simply relevel the messed up area.
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    Do you have pictures? :waving:

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    Selling point: warranty a rip out and correctly install, no warranty for repair
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    The longer a pavement takes to fail, the further down the problem is: If has taken 3 years to show up, then the problem is in the sub grade. Rule of thumb:
    for troubleshooting rutting/sinking:

    3-6 months in the bedding sand
    6-12 months in the aggregate base
    13+ months in the sub-grade.

    For a job that size, if you were to redo the entire 4k sf, would be more efficient to start from scratch, pavers and all. Compare the cost of new pavers to the labor cost of removing and stacking the pavers by hand. Also, do you have the room to stack about 40 pallets by hand.



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