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    I've got a call today from a business to look at their future building. He told me there is no grass only shrubs that need to be trimmed. When I get there there are 104 shrubs some are 6' and out of control. All of them are hollies and nandinas.
    My question is how to bid I have done shrubs before for residential up to 20 but never this many. How much would you guys charge. It will be me trimming and one helper to rake and load the dump trailer. I thought approx $325, but when you figure that I try to at least get $50/hr for commercial work. It should be approx 7 hrs each man that would come to $700 plus hauling and dumping. Is this reasonable? :confused:
  2. chris638

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    Break it down. How many shrubs could you trim and clean up with 2 guys in say 15 minutes. That's what I always do when bidding trim jobs.
  3. prosperity

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    I had a hard time estimating shrub trimming also. Just like anything else, it takes some experience to be able to bid correctly - another lesson learned by myself...

    Anyway, I found that a local nursery/landscape outfit charges between $5-$7 per shrub, depending on the size.

    With that in mind, it sounds like you are pretty close with your $700 if they are large and out of control.
  4. GreenN'Clean

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    Sounds right around the ball park to me

    ED'S LAWNCARE LawnSite Senior Member
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    Well did something kinda stupid went in around half price $365 I felt like this guy was price shopping. Drove by there today and there were a couple of guys trimming with electric trimmers. A friend of mine said he herd the guy paid $75:laugh: :laugh: I don't mind losing a job but for that I will just stay home drink beer in the pool.
  6. ALarsh

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    I charge $15 per large shrub (need truck to pull out) and $10 per small shrub (use shovel) to pull them out and dispose.
  7. RedMax Man

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    $75 to trim around 100 shrubs:confused: thats a steal:dizzy: . I'd charge that to trim around 3 Residential shrubs that are average size and not way over grown from not being cut in a few seasons. I ripped out 3 shrubs for $75 and it took 15 min. about two weeks ago.

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